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that other site...

"this is megatokyo?"

Monday - August 14, 2000

[Piro] - 15:10:00 - [link here]

Well, dont be too upset if you find that nothing really works here yet... largo and I havent finished the backbone of the site. We should be launching the new version of the site, complete with four comics, on monday (barring unforseen disasters - a notably regular occurance in my life). So, in short, we aren't ready for you yet, but you are welcome to look around, where you can.

Notice something different? If you saw the original versions of megatokyo, you'll see that i was originally intending to ink all of them. Well, i'll be the first to admit that inking takes me a long time to do, and when i do it in a hurry - it really sucks. So i said fuq it, and tried out how it would look in pencil (the way i do pencil drawings typically) Largo and I decided 'yea, that's pretty cool' and so - pencil it is. Of course, i had to re-do the first two episodes, but that wasnt too bad.

I'm off to a birthday party today, so I'll comment a little more later on the whole concept we're developing here. Also, you can find some more Megatokyo art over at fredart - including a new design for kimiko.

more later. mata ne.

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you're already here.

"we launch!"

Monday - August 14, 2000

[Largo] - 16:45:00 - [link here]

Woohoo! Today we launch! This is the section of the comic that I hope everyone will find sucks. Not just suck in the same old sucking way either, MegaTokyo promises to suck in new and exciting ways. Piro and I have spent years in the field of researching suck. To you, our audience, we make this one pledge, above all else - we shall not fail to suck!

Ah, well I figure it will be a few weeks before people start finding this place, if even then, so we'll see.. in the meantime, I'm enjoying my first little rant here in the console section while piro is off playing one of his 'Tokimeki Memorial' games... ick... Maybe I'll bother to explain what that evil creation is to you someday, but for now, trust me.. you are better off being in the dark... Especially if its Joanna Dark...


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