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Sunday - April 8, 2001

[Piro] - 22:05:00 - [link here]

Have you ever noticed that the worst time of a big project is not when you are buried in the middle of it, but right after you are finished? The first week after is always terrible. I get moody, irascible, grouchy, tired, and generally just glump around a lot. It's a terrible anti-climax that comes as you try to get back to a normal schedule.

Friday was a day of doing all the things i have needed to do for weeks, including getting a haircut (after three months, i needed one bad. I was starting to LOOK like piro). As a result of all these activities, Friday's comic was VERY late. I think i finally uploaded it around 11:45pm. ^_^ So, if you didn't see friday's comic because you only look at work, be sure to go and check it out - it's not a bad one. ^_^

Largo and I felt that we needed to take some time to sit and re-work a few things in the scripts for the next two weeks. I know that i will loose at least two readers as a result of this (hey, i was told that if there wasn't any progress by monday, they would no longer read MT. oh well) To me, it's more important that the story for MT is done right than haphazardly.

Without a doubt, the last two weeks were very stressful for everyone here on the MT team. Don't worry about us tho. We've all griped, bitched and whined a lot recently, and like i said - you say and do things that sometimes you aren't happy about, but life moves on. We are a pretty plucky bunch at MT. Next week will be better.

< Dom >


"a word from our dom - part II"

Friday - April 6, 2001

[Dom] - 13:16:00 - [link here]

First of all, I would like to apologize for the threat I made last night. I am human, and I will make mistakes, like saying things rashly, or being naive about the state of the internet. Thanks to all those people who pointed out that they didn't like being threatened and were polite about it, and those who were not-so-polite but still coherent. Special thanks to the flamer who was so incoherent his mail's going up on my wall as a badge of honor.

However, I stand by the first part of the rant. Piro has been harassed not only in his e-mail, but in his real life, and the delete button won't stop your phone from ringing. On Tsubasa's part, it's not the mail that gets to him, but the fact that people continue to ignore his requests that they stop requestiong X and Y from him, because he doesn't like it. It's a sign of disrespect, and I won't stand by quietly if I possibly have a means by which I can help.

As for the online diary, that actually stirred up a good amount of interesting discussion that I also appreciated. It was naive of me to think that I could possibly keep it a secret, but also, it wasn't exactly a kind thing of people to give out the URL when I hadn't wanted to give it to them in the first place... ah, well. I've learned a few things. Again, thank you.

Wow. Progress was actually made because of a rant. This is a new thing.

Okay, now on to the rest of the rant. Fanime was last weekend. And despite the fact that I'm still recovering from a bad cold I got from karaoke, the karaoke room started in chaos with broken computers and bad sound, and such, it was a great con experience.

I was able to meet and talk to some MegaTokyo fans face-to-face for the first time, and what I said before holds true--by and large, the MT crowd is a fun bunch of people. I'm still bewildered by the fact that my presence was requested by some really good artists in the artist's alley, and that I was asked to waste a page of perfectly good sketchbook paper by doodling some stick figures on it.


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