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< Piro >

t3h B34r is goinggone Noon Wednesday (EST)!

"b34r g3tz c4ugh7"

Tuesday - February 5, 2008

[Piro] - 17:47:13 - [link here]

One thing i forgot to mention in my last rant was that there was a deadline for ordering the f33l t3h luv b34r - if you want one you'll need to order it by 12:00 noon (EST) tomorrow (Wednesday, February 6). Once all the orders are in, we'll get our bear supply, make 'em all, and get them shipped out to you in time for V-day. So be sure to order yours today if you wanna capture one.

(yes, the title of this rant is a spoof of the "bear does (insert activity here)" series of childrens books that are particularly awesome. :)

One thing you may or may not notice (it depends on how the guys tweak things) you may notice that there are two rants in this column - the rant i posted on Sunday is still here on the front page, just nudged below this one. The idea is that this will allow us to do shorter, less coherent rants whenever we want without having to try to coordinate them with comic releases. Pretty neat, really. Thanks guys :)

Also of note -monday's comic is now posted, with all the digital hatching in place. This comic is a little rough around the edges in general, but it came out fairly decent. I'm starting to get a better feel for how this will work, as well as an idea for different techniques for applying it. All in all, a rather successful experiment. Rendering and hatching is still and always will be a part of my artwork, but i can apply it as an artistic element when needed rather than trying to hand hatch everything - which will also lead to more consistency from comic to comic.

In other randomness, in case you were wondering what exactly it was that largo is wearing. Well, not exactly, but close. Yes, i think i lost my mind when i decided to put largo in this jacket. ^^;; I think i need to have him fall into a paint bucket or maybe have the zombies burn it off of him or something...

In case you didn't already know, Camouflage is t3h n33t.

< Seraphim >

"th3 B34r"

Tuesday - February 5, 2008

[Seraphim] - 23:32:57 - [link here]

I've been having a bear of a time finding the perfect teddy bear for Jack. I've been looking ever since I found out I was expecting. It's harder than you might think. I think there are several iconic styles and I can't find any of them. There is sort of the mid-last-century button eyed variety like my brother had. Then there is the more realistic stlye. My first choice would be J0sh the 0shk0sh bear in the engineer overalls. Unfortunately, he's been retired. My second choice for the perfect bear is the Dulcolax spokesbear. He has this great look of consternation on his face. Being the Dulcolax bear, you know it isn't because he's thinking real hard. He isn't available either. They are missing out on a great merchandising opportunity. He's only in the print campaigns now. Maybe once he gets his own tv spot they'll produce him like the fabric softner bear was. Unfortunately, fabric softner bear was recalled. Oh dear, he was a horror anyways, wasn't he?

As a child I had a P**h which was bigger than I was. It was the size of a tubby toddler. Jack has several P**hs including one the size of adult sitting cross-legged courtesy of his aunt, Marina, who spoils him rotten. (Marina was a great help to us all last year with shipping and her l33t nursing skillz. We can't possibly thank her enough.) I came across a P**h wrist rattle which, due to inaccurate sewing, is in dire need of a brow lift. It is 3vil P**h. You know I couldn't resist buying it. It has the same look my Dad would give us as kids when we'd done something wrong. If it could say Saaarrraaahhh Lyyynnne, I would run screaming from the room. But I still need the PERFECT bear. I've gotta get my hands on a Dulcolax Bear!

I also had a hard time finding a boy babydoll. I believe boys need a little buddy friend too. All the dolls are girls. It was really pissing me off. I wanted to rip the heads of all the girl dolls and stomp on them. It was probably just hormones. I could get a boy bear or puppy - which you knew was a boy because he wore a sports uniform. Don't even get me started on trying to find non-sport geared apparel. Could I get a dino or boat or something??? I will say the most clever outfit theme we came across was the 100 Acre Woods Forest Service ranger uniforms. They were awesome done in thermal and camo. The US National Park Service rangers should dress so well.

Piro and I think the 100 Acre Woods Forest Service is a brilliant idea. We did a lot of National Park vacations when I was a kid so i'm enamored with the concept. I always wanted to be a ranger. Their clothing designers have better ideas than their television show writers. It's much better than the new P**h and friends detective TV series with them tearing up and polluting the forest driving motorized scooters around. Ok, I admit haven't watched many - i simply can't stomach it - maybe they are hybrid,electric, fuel cell or rainbow engery scooters but I seriously doubt the writers even bothered to think about the eco message they are sending.

A big thanks to the readers and customers who stuck with us through the year! I can guarantee that we will never bring out a new book and run a big promotion while we are out of the country for three weeks while I am pregnant again. Thanks the for the support and all the good wishes.


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