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< Piro >

Missing Saline teen believed to have taken flight to Puerto Rico

"attn: readers in Puerto Rico"

Tuesday - February 3, 2009

[Piro] - 01:20:10 - [link here]

UPDATE: Looks like this story has a happy ending - Jasmine Rieberger was picked up by Interpol and FBI agents about 40 miles outside of San Juan: Pittsfield Township girl found in Puerto Rico. For my next rant i'll try to focus on something a little less serious. Thank you for your attention. (Oh, and that comic thing? Drawings are about half done, i'll post sometime this afternoon as soon as i get back home).


Usually the news items here in the small community where we live are relatively benign and tend to be about High School sports and other community events. This afternoon, however, a local news story started to develop that has become a real world nightmare for a local family.

Here is a link to the story: Missing Saline teen believed to have taken flight to Puerto Rico.

16 year old Jasmine Rieberger purchased a one-way ticket to Puerto Rico and flew there Saturday afternoon. Before leaving she removed the hard drive from her computer to prevent her whereabouts from being tracked. The airline confirmed that she was on board the flight which arrived Saturday night. Our local police are working with the Police and a number of different agencies in Puerto Rico to locate her. Her father and grandfather arrived in Puerto Rico Monday afternoon to assist in the search but so far she has not been found.

The family has put out a call for help from anyone with contacts in Puerto Rico who might be able to help, so I'm passing this call on to our many readers in Puerto Rico. If you feel you can be of any assistance, please contact the family at

Now, the net itself has no real geographical boundaries, so this call isn't limited to those of you who live in Puerto Rico. If you know of anything at all that might help find Jasmine, please email the address above or contact me and i will put you in touch with the appropriate authorities.

This is not really the way i planned to break my rant silence of the past few months, but i appreciate your attention. Thank you!

< Dom >

"I'll talk S-Words for 400"

Sunday - February 1, 2009

[Dom] - 01:42:04 - [link here]

My old friend Suberunker came by today to introduce me to this wonderful world of podcasting.  It turns out that the stupid conversations he and I have been having for the whole time we've known each other can turn into great weekly radio!  Who knew?

What's funny about this is, we've joked about the need to record our breeze-shooting sessions a million times before - back in college, Subey carried around a notebook just to write down the crazy things that would come out of our mouths while we were trying to out-BS each other.  A podcast seems to be the logical evolution of that notebook, and we didn't think of it until about three weeks ago, when he got the podcast bug (with S-Words, he's doing three podcasts regularly, the nut).

Anyway, check out our first episode, which just went up - hopefully people keep coming!


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