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buy stuff or die... please

"still a bit dazed"

Monday - May 14, 2001

[Piro] - 00:03:00 - [link here]

Seraphim and I finally got back home here around 10:30 from our trip to Chicago. My trip to Anime Central was... I have to say, it was a tad bit overwhelming. I didn't think that the Megatokyo Panel at Acen was a good idea - to me, i didn't think we warranted our own panel. After wandering around on Friday afternoon, i figured that maybe 10-15 people might show up. Hell, I was nervous about just that many people.

I was so disorganized last week that I didn't coordinate anything with Dom. We didn't get a chance to hook up till an hour before the panel. We were a little surprised when we went around to the Live Programming 5 room at the end of the hall. There were a ton of people waiting around - seemingly, some of them were waiting for the MT panel. The room appeared to still be in use by the previous panel, so Dom and I waited outside against the wall with everyone else till they were done. We were a little surprised to find out that all the people in there were waiting for us to arrive.

I wasn't prepared for the sheer number of people who tried to get into that room to listen to Dom and I try to talk coherently about Megatokyo. I really wasn't prepared, and honestly i still don't know what to think. I'm honored that so many people would take time out of their con activities to come see us. I really am. I've never really talked to anyone outside of my friends about MT before - never bumped into anyone who read it (except for one guy who was visiting from some silly town on the other side of the state). It was... kinda hard to describe. All of a sudden there were faces to all the emails, irc chats, and forum postings. It's oddly humbling. Largo still doesn't really believe me.

I have a lot to say... a lot, really. I had to run to another event right after the panel, and in the midst of this i felt like there were a lot of people who wanted to talk to me and i didn't have a chance to stop and listen - in fact, i felt terrible because i felt like people might feel like i didn't have time for them... it was so much like all the email i get, and the fan art, and all the things i don't answer because i don't have time. All of this suddenly has more of a face to it.

First of all, if there was anyone who wanted to talk with me, and were not able to catch up with me after the Iron Guest thing - please email me. I am so sorry about all that. I feel terrible, because i KNOW there were some people who i said i'd get back with later. ^^;;;

Secondly. I have to deal with my email. I have to deal with all the fanart, submissions, ... everything. I don't know how, but i will.

thirdly... i don't have a comic for today. I'm sorry, i got home too late! I will pull something together tomorrow afternoon and post it then. Thanks for your understanding. I feel somewhat rejuvenated and freshly inspired after the trip. The future of MT should be a lot of fun. To actually meet and talk with people who genuinely like your work... there's no experience like it. I suppose i'm still a little dazed over it. And here i am, missing yet another comic deadline. -_-;;; i can't win sometimes...

I'm going to finish this 'rant' tomorrow. I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who showed up at the panel, and that i am sorry to those who couldn't get in. I may be shy about this whole thing, but i don't ever ever want to be aloof or seem inaccessible. I wish i knew more about how to handle all this.

I'm almost scared to go to E3 now...

< Largo >

you're already here.


Tuesday - May 8, 2001

[Largo] - 09:31:00 - [link here]

Ok, I'll make this rant a short one.. Hey - I gotta ease back into the groove y'know?

Today's guest strip is brought to you by Nick Yu - the creator of The Bad Boys of Computer Science.

Anyways, Yes, I've been gone for the last two weeks while I upgraded and moved the server to a better home. Originally we never thought we'd have two-hundred readers, much less two-hundred thousand. So as our traffic has grown, so has the load on our server. Recently it began to be too much for the box to withstand, and still not impact the other websites on it. The solution was simple, We needed a more l33t box.

So the server was born, from the vast emptyness of space, the swirling great cosmic void reached out... Eh, Ok so I went to

As my counterpart has said, the box is named Entropy. I decided on this name bcause after years of admin'n servers - I've found that only truth remains constant, shit breaks.

The new box is pretty sweet, it's a step up in most every mundane respect. Although as some people have noticed, MegaTokyo is no longer running on FreeBSD. We are now running on Linux. This has resulted in a few small riots, some looting, the usual.

I've always been a Linux fan, for no other reason then I like penguins. Sure it's not a great reason to base your selection of a kernel, but what the hell eh? Or it could be I'm just afraid of the mighty wrath that Cowboy Neal of would inflict upon me if I continued to go with BSD...

Of course my decision had nothing at all to do with the fact that Neverwinter Nights will have a linux server available. Nope, not a thing. not one tiny bit, nope...

Speaking of which, I can hardly contain my excitment as the great E3 approaches. I almost can taste the gaming goodness, which for some reason has a lime flavor.

Wait, correction, that's my margarita.


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