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< Piro >

Here is a higher res version of just the background art...

"obsessive detailing"

Tuesday - June 9, 2009

[Piro] - 09:10:49 - [link here]

I've been struggling with some of the writing for this one - mostly having to parse down some of the background commentary and make things sync with what i was trying to do with this next comic. I'm getting there, hopefully will have it up soon, but till then you can look at the artwork for the comic, which stands well on it's own and is even a tad humorous in places. It's about half the resolution of the size i work at, but that's bigger than the standard webcomic size, so you might find it interesting to look at while you wait.

Thanks for your patience. There is a major confluance of ideas and themes going on in this hinge point of the chapter, and as usual it's giving me headaches. Thanks for reading, the finished comic to come later.

< Dom >

"Crawling back to the groove"

Friday - July 10, 2009

[Dom] - 10:39:38 - [link here]

I'd be lying if I said the past two months have been easy. But that's no excuse for radio silence, and I haven't been fully silent - if you check the S-Words Podcast, you'll see that we have a huge amount of new episodes up. Kevin posted more than our usual allotment of episodes this week, including a fun segment on San Francisco and a Stuff/Suggestions segment with me being a complete jerk to him.

Anime Expo also happened last week, and that did a lot to lift my spirits. I'll tell you a few stories from that, plus BlazBlue, next week. I hope...


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