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< Piro >

"reverting to t3h old sch00l"

Thursday - August 6, 2009

[Piro] - 10:05:27 - [link here]

Wow, it feels kinda weird to do this, but it's dawned on me that with twitter full of major fail this morning, i think i rely way too much on that service to stay in touch with readers. It's been that kind of a week, not just for me it seems (I've been suffering from a physical and mental services DOS attack myself the past few days).

So, OMG! Twitter down! Facebook not working quite right! What do we do? Think, think, think! The internet was based on networking ideas that were designed to withstand a nuclear apocolypse!! Surely there are things i can do!

Oh, yeah, i could just add a quick rant to like, my OWN SITE and let the RSS feed fire off the update.

SAVED! And there was much rejoicing.

Oh, what was i twittering about? Damn, i forgot... lemmee think... Oh yeah! That's right.

It's about 11:10am EST here and i'm working on drawing the last two frames of the next comic live, right now, so head on over and watch if you are really bored.

and with that, i now press this "PUBLISH" button and thumb my nose at the Twitter Overlord. Suck on THIS bit of old school!!!

< Dom >

Mmm, Luffy

"Breaking the Silence"

Tuesday - September 29, 2009

[Dom] - 16:22:03 - [link here]

Wow. Where to begin?

I guess I should really start with "sorry" since this side of the rant space has been sitting fallow for... oh God, is it really 12 weeks now? Life has been a blur in the four months since Mom died - I've been helping renovate the old place, burying myself in sports, and oh yeah, I got a new job a month ago that I didn't tell many people about.

Yeah, so I'm employed again, and instead of being in a soul-sucking corporate cubicle farm, I'm writing about anime and American TV for a startup called Sidereel. It's hard work, plus a commute into San Francisco every day, but I'm loving every minute, even when it's just time spent correcting bad information someone left about our anime shows (you'll have to pardon the anime page being a bit of a mess - I've spent about a month working on it and the catalog is still pretty haphazard. Another month or so and I'll show it off a bit more, but suffice to say - I'm working on it, and it's devouring a lot of my time.

In video game news, I'm still playing Warcraft to mark the time, but I've started in on Arkham Asylum recently, and I really do feel like Batman. It's pretty awesome. I'm waiting for next month, when my copy of Bayonetta comes in, and then it's back into "Hurts So Good" territory. Oh yeah, and I'm still playing porn games. Baldr Sky continues to scratch my itch for mecha combat, with Dive2 coming soon (you can download the demo for Baldr Sky Dive2 over at Giga's download page, and all you need to know for the controls are "Z, X, and C are attacks, V dashes, and the arrow keys move"). In the meantime I have Majikoi to play, which is basically like the porn cousin of the Super Robot Wars series, so I'm enjoying the flood of in-jokes and utter stupidity.

Podcasting still goes on over at Suberunker's place, where we run the S-Words Podcast each week. We recorded the Sailor Moon episode this week, which will be of interest to many of you, and our Calvin and Hobbes (Spaceman Spiff) episode is a fun one - check it out! I'm being poked by work to start an anime podcast if at all possible, so I may end up spending half of my week talking into a mic. That'd be interesting... but I love doing it, so nothing's wrong with that.

I'm struggling to keep my head above water as it is, but I'm going to try and make sure to keep ranting so I don't get out of practice. It's good to be writing again!


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