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< Piro >

"reverting to t3h old sch00l"

Thursday - August 6, 2009

[Piro] - 10:05:27 - [link here]

Wow, it feels kinda weird to do this, but it's dawned on me that with twitter full of major fail this morning, i think i rely way too much on that service to stay in touch with readers. It's been that kind of a week, not just for me it seems (I've been suffering from a physical and mental services DOS attack myself the past few days).

So, OMG! Twitter down! Facebook not working quite right! What do we do? Think, think, think! The internet was based on networking ideas that were designed to withstand a nuclear apocolypse!! Surely there are things i can do!

Oh, yeah, i could just add a quick rant to like, my OWN SITE and let the RSS feed fire off the update.

SAVED! And there was much rejoicing.

Oh, what was i twittering about? Damn, i forgot... lemmee think... Oh yeah! That's right.

It's about 11:10am EST here and i'm working on drawing the last two frames of the next comic live, right now, so head on over and watch if you are really bored.

and with that, i now press this "PUBLISH" button and thumb my nose at the Twitter Overlord. Suck on THIS bit of old school!!!

< Dom >

"Sports Fans and Mourning Periods"

Wednesday - October 7, 2009

[Dom] - 11:27:59 - [link here]

I'm telling you this straight, folks, it's been a rough sports week for me and Fred. My beloved Golden Bears got blown out for the second time in two weeks, while Fred's Tigers turned in one of the greatest collapses in baseball history by losing a heart-rending 12-inning thriller to the Twins, who trailed by 3 games with 4 left but still forced the tiebreaker game. If it weren't for the Niners beating the ever-living crap out of the St. Louis Lambs, I'd probably be in a padded room with no tearable cloth or sharp objects right now.

But here's the thing - we're hardened sports fans. Well, at least, I am - Fred may not be as inured to it as I am, but I'm hoping he'll stick it through. And when we face the kind of pain that can only come from a #2-ranked team losing a game to poor clock management, or a baseball team coughing up a lead with its magic number at 3 and 4 games to go, we mourn for a while in our own ways (I personally went through anger, bargaining, denial, depression, and acceptance in the second half) and then store that pain and rage for later use.

These things never heal fully, but there are things like championships or even just good stretches that will soothe them. But we have to take the long view. Because you can't fail EVERY year, right Cubs fans? Right?

There's always next year.


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