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< Piro >

pre-order your copy today!

"Yes, i'll be signing them :)"

Thursday - July 1, 2010

[Piro] - 11:33:20 - [link here]

Some good news - I’ve decided I will be signing all copies of Megatokyo Volume 6 pre-ordered from the MegaGear store. This includes all pre-orders already placed as well as new orders. I don’t like charging for signatures, so there is no cost for the scribbling of my name on the title page of your book :P It’s the least I can do for your patronage, and my way of saying thank you for getting your copy of MT volume 6 from us.

While you are there, be sure to browse our wide selection of Megatokyo shirt designs. I’ll be making your shirts while waiting for books to arrive so we can ship everything to you as soon as they get here.

If you are curious about how I print t-shirts with our DTG printer, I’ve uploaded a video showing a Ph33r t3h Cut3 0n3s shirt come to life before your eyes! (Uh, well, it’s sorta like watching an inkjet printer print. No, it’s exactly like watching a inkjet printer print, because that’s what it is - a heavily modified large format inkjet printer). Yes, this beast is exactly the kind of thing largo would love.

Thank you for your support!

< Seraphim >

"Pine Ridge v3.0"

Wednesday - July 7, 2010

[Seraphim] - 14:26:46 - [link here]

If you haven't joined the Megatokyo Facebook page then you don't know about our latest effort for Pine Ridge Reservation. Fred and I are throwing our support (and by that we mean you, the fans) behind an organization that has an idea in competition for the Pepsi Refresh Project $250K Grant to build sustainable housing on the rez. MT fans have been very generous and supportive of our previous Pine Ridge fundraising efforts so please commit to voting everyday for this worthy project! They have moved up in the ranks to #90 (from #142) in only a few days since MT Facebook fans started voting! International readers can vote too!


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