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Ebay Auction: Megatokyo Comic 1075

"auction: Moving Out"

Wednesday - August 24, 2011

[Piro] - 11:59:00 - [link here]

In recent years most of the artwork I’ve produced for Megatokyo has been done digitally. In the past month or so I’ve gone back to doing the comic the old fashion way with pencil and paper (see previous rant for more on that). Yet up until the start of chapter 9 all of the drawings for Megatokyo were done using pencil on Bright White inkjet paper. I have not sold or auctioned many (hardly any, actually) of these drawings, most of them are stacked and stored nicely in archival boxes. This week I decided to auction off one of these original production drawings on Ebay - the full sized drawing for "Moving Out".

The drawing is from Comic 1075 "DPD: Moving Out" featuring Largo and Yuki racing through the streets of Tokyo with a Rent-a-Zilla in tow. It is a pencil drawing (mechanical pencil, .5mm and .4mm HB lead) on a sheet of 11"x17" HP Bright White Inkjet Paper (acid free). Drawing was produced on December 27th, 2007, noted in the typical signature that i use for sketches and drawings (a "F" with the date in stacked numbers to the right of the letter). While originally a 'Dead Piro Day' sketch, this drawing is considered part of the sequence of Megatokyo comics and is included in the book (Megatokyo Volume 6) on page 79 with an added line of dialogue for Largo "Alright, it's 5H0WTIM3!"

Proceeds from the sale of this drawing will help support the continued production of Megatokyo. The auction ends this Saturday, Aug 27, 2011 at 14:43:27 PDT (17:43pm EDT I believe - best to check the auction for the actual end time) so be sure to check out this rare opportunity to own some original production artwork from the Megatokyo comic itself.

Notice to International fans who want to bid on the item - even though it says ‘ships to: United States’ I will be more than happy to ship the item internationally, so please feel free to bid on the drawing if you are outside of the US.

Thank you for your support, as always.

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Tuesday - September 6, 2011

[Seraphim] - 13:23:08 - [link here]

Fred will be a guest of honor at Youmacon Anime Convention November 3-6 in Detroit, Michigan. After I posted this event information to the Megatokyo Facebook page we were very amused to have someone comment, "YIKES!!!DETROIT???". Well, what can I say. We live here. LOLZ. Home Sw33t Home, ya know. We frequently attend downtown events and go to Belle Isle Park and we support the restoration and renovation of the historic Belle Isle Aquarium which was tragically closed during the corrupt (and embarrassing) administration of the former mayor.

We don't believe Detroit is worse than any other city we have attended an anime convention. Anyone remember Otakon 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland? Fred called me at home and went off about underground fires, exploding manholes, flooded sewers and streets flowing with rats. It was too unbelievable. I told him to call me back when he wasn't drunk and hung up on him. It wasn't until I watched the news later that I realized he wasn't drunk and was telling the truth. Every convention is a unique experience from the guests to the weather and you never know what will happen,

We'll be having a giveaway for Megatokyo character cosplayers who show up at the main panel and there will be a photo op afterward. Thomas Knapp, co-author of the Endgames: Behind the Masque short story will also be on hand. As always, you'll be able to come and see us in the dealer room throughout the convention. We'll be regularly posting convention news, updates, and photos here.

Youmacon pre-registration ends September 15th so get your badges early and avoid the lines.

If you want to see us at a 2012 convention near you, then let your local convention know you want to see us there by suggesting Megatokyo in the guest relations forums. We'll definitely consider all invites.


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