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< Piro >

"MT Kickstarter FINAL HOURS!"

Thursday - July 18, 2013

[Piro] - 11:33:20 - [link here]

Ok, it's the last six or so hours of the Megatokyo Visual Novel Project kickstarter, it ends tonight at 6:36pm EST, and it's been an *amazing* ride. Seriously. I had *no idea* you guys would get behind this project the way you did - it started with a funding goal of 20k to do 1/3 of the game with two characters, and now we're actually closing in on almost $300,000 for the FULL game with thirteen playable characters. Wow.

Um, I'm certainly not sitting here thinking "OMG we need to do MORE!" or worried about reaching our funding goal (we're about 1500% funded ^^;;) but i DO think that we should run the final hours of this thing out properly, so i am going to sit here and draw, sketch, doodle and otherwise troll everyone about the game and the content i'm working on for the game for the remaining time on the Kickstarter. I'm going live right now and will stay live till it ends later this afternoon:

Megatokyo Visual Novel Project Kickstarter ENDGAME: The Final Hours LIVE!

Like i already said, i'm overwhelmed by your support for this project and more than a little excited about it myself :) So come on by and watch some live drawing, ask any questions you might have, and join the horde as we countdown to the end of days- uh, i mean, until this thing is done. :)

< RayKremer >

Kickstarter wildly successful!

"Pick two"

Friday - July 19, 2013

[RayKremer] - 09:00:51 - [link here]

A big thank you from the entire MT visual novel team to the fans that supported us and Fred with the Kickstarter. As the old cliché goes, all that's left to do is everything.

There's an old adage about projects that can be summed up in a generic fashion this way: "On budget, on time, meets expectations: pick two." I think anybody that's familiar with Kickstarter projects knows how easily the time and budget can slip away, and anybody familiar with Fred knows he has a tempestuous relationship with "on time". He's got a lot on his plate though, between Sarah's illnesses, his own recent health problems (both are doing much better now), a young son only now approaching the age where he'll be out of the house at school for part of the day, an online store where he has to print the designs on most of the merchandise himself using temperamental equipment, and somehow through all of that find small crumbs of time to do story development and drawings for the comic itself. We thank all of you amazing fans for your continued patience, especially as far as the comic and your MegaGear orders go. I think if anything the Kickstarter has proven that you are all still with us and eager for more even through all the delays and slowdowns. It's safe to say right at the outset that the game probably isn't going to be completely done by the target date, but Fred and the team will be working hard to meet your expectations and ours.


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