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"road tripping"

Friday - June 29, 2001

[Seraphim] - 19:14:00 - [link here]

There are always a lot of complaints when I post a rant. Many people feel I don't really "rant", That is true, I am more the type to rend my clothes and rail against fate. If you've ever seen Emma Thompson's chapel scene in 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' - that's like me. It doesn't sound as snappy as ranting. Piro and I are quite peeved - a neighbor was broken into this week. What really sucks is we were outside and neighbors were walking by the area doing laundry and such and none of us saw or heard a thing. I also just found out today that a coworker who lives in our complex was robbed sometime this year and there was a purse snatching last weekend. Great. Ya know, they never disclose any of this before hand. Luckily I have Piro as my own personal body guard. I have been extremely cautious recently. Last night I saw a stranger strolling by with an odd bundle and looking into houses. I ran out into the yard only to discover the bundle was a bongo drum. Much to my relief he was simply lost and the jam session he was looking for was in another area - far away. We also have some interesting neighbors - someone named Jarrett is in a lot of trouble with one or more of his girlfriends. They come over at all hours and let me tell you - they can RANT. They stand in the yard ranting at him at the top of their little lungs. Jarrett is at least smart enough to remain inside and pretend to not be home. Honestly ladies, he's not worth the time or energy and you are disturbing my sleep.

I don't know if Piro has mentioned this yet but it is only two weeks until we go on vacation. We are headed to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky to do some spelunking - I wanted to take the moderately difficult tour and Piro wanted to do the Wild Cave exploration. Forget it! ! ! He'd probably stage an 'accident' to collect my insurance money to fund Megatokyo. We settled on a tour that mentions climbing 130 feet and fear of confined spaces. My parents took me on the tour when I was but a wee lass. My parents were in their mid-fourties at the time so I figure we can handle it being several decades younger. We then head to Atlanta and our favorite Japanese restaurant - Satsuki (probably our main reason for going to atlanta ^_^) and then down to Tybee Island to see the coast. We will end up in the Great Smokey Mountains for a few days and head home. I can't wait. Work sucks. It is only going to get worse - my coworker from my debut strip, Em, is leaving to attend Veterinary school. Damn, that is going to make work pure living hell.

I got into grad school. I'm hoping to get a full alumni scholarship. It is the Alumni Mom and Dad scholarship. Actually dad was diagnosed with cancer last year and made me promise to apply before he died and he'd cover the cost. Naturally I promised and of course he is in remission and healthy as a horse again. He has joined a health club and goes religiously everyday and is, in fact, in better shape than most people my age. Never make a 'deathbed' promise - they may survive and then you are screwed! He remembers my part of the deal - I just hope he remembers his! He likes hanging his mortality over my head and is already nagging me to graduate before he dies. I have no doubt he will live to see ninety like his own mother. That gives me almost twenty years! I'm getting a master's in Library and Information Science. Yep, I'm going to be a librarian. Not the spinster version from 'It's a Wonderful Life' - more like Evelyn in the Mummy. I'll get Piro into all sorts of trouble!

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you're already here.

"website f00b4r'd"

Friday - June 29, 2001

[Largo] - 06:20:00 - [link here]

First off, contest strips should be emailed to

Lately I spend more and more time reworking the site so it can better handle the strain it places on my b4wx.

Well, I've been busy redesigning the site, namely it's primitive backend. We're moving to a newer mysql database this time, with a more sophisticated php layout. The biggest problem with MT's current backend, is the rants are the only piece that are still primary static pages, that is to say, we operate on a lot of 'flat files' even though the site is completely dynamic, having any flat files (even when using them with SSI) is still very bad foo.

Another problem with the rant engine, is it was never designed for anyone but Piro and I to use it. So when other people rant in those spaces, it can be confusing to the readers unless they pay careful attention to the email at the bottom. The new backend will make it more clear who is ranting and when.

With the new backend, we should start seeing more articles, reviews, and rants - as it will allow a lot of new faces to begin writing new content for the site. When we first started MT, it was easy to get three rants a week up, but lately both outside factors, and megatokyo's own drain, has limited the time we can spend writing.

The winner of the iron bartender contest has been chosen, and emailed. It is unfortunate that several of you sent in such similar recipes, so I had to go with the person who sent this one in first.

1.5 litters of Vodka1 litter of Everclear32 oz of Orange Juice16 oz of Pineapple Juice3 gallons of Hawaiian Punch2 litters of Sprite3 litters of Ginger Ale.

On a unrelated note, if you ever get the chance, go to this restaurant. It's my all time favorite place to go.

Some of you may have read the most recent rant by Scott Kurtz of PvP. The negative reaction from the 'webcomic community' has really struck a nerve in me. So many of these comic authors are too uptight. The irony of it is you would think with so many of them being fellow creators of comedy that humor wouldn't be lost on them. Instead, while they can dish out the funny to every established institution and conception, they themselves cannot take a simple joke.

Kurtz has never asked for the humanitarian of the year award for his work. However that is what ultimately makes comedy - brutal honesty. Comedy is pointing out the absurd in what we have grown used to being the normal.

To do this, a person must be able to rise above the indoctrinated culture that surrounds them, and be free to scrutinize it.

I've always felt that comedians are the closest thing this world has left that resembles a philosopher. It is their nature to examine, analyze, and often challenge the established institutions of the world.


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