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< Piro >

Order your 2015 MT Calendar today!

"2015 MT Swimsuit calendar!"

Wednesday - October 15, 2014

[Piro] - 09:57:27 - [link here]

The Megatokyo 2015 't3h b34ch' Swimsuit calendar IS NOW AVAILABLE for pre-order in the MegaGear store! 12 months, full color, it's at the printers and will be shipping the first week of November. Since this is a calendar and I can't really sell off back stock after January, I didn't order a lot of them, so be sure to order one if you want one because quantities are limited.

Also of note, Fine Art Prints of all the artwork in the calendar are also available in the MegaGear store. There are also several original pencil drawings and COPIC marker colored original arts still available for purchase too if you are interested in the original art.

Thank you! Hopefully you will enjoy the calendar. I added a bunch of things (birthdays of some of my favorite anime and game characters) and stuff, as well as all the special Megatokyo days you probably didn't know about. As for September... well, I am kinda sorry about that. Maybe you can cover Ed up with post it notes or something. ^^;;

< RayKremer >

The Muffin Cart shall live!

"Muffin Cart!"

Thursday - July 3, 2014

[RayKremer] - 11:52:25 - [link here]

MegaTokyo seems to bring out the arts and crafts in me. Carving pumpkins for Halloween? Some Darkly Cute would look good on there. Snow globes with a slot in the bottom so you can insert a photo of your grandkids? Sad Kimiko goes in there instead. Papercraft Macintosh computer? That just begs to be part of a papercraft ph34rbot. Child-friendly foam croquet set? That can be repurposed as the Girl Phase "Smack-o-Mallet". Chibi Godzilla plushie? One zombie bite later and you have a Zom-Zom plushie. I even bought some toy helicopter things to try to put together Largo's flying steampunk hat, though there's an issue of weight versus sturdiness that I'm not sure I can overcome with the simple toy-isle flying units.

One thing has eluded me for years, though. Largo's Mr. Muffin Honda Gyro Canopy scooter. That's way too complex to really make myself, but surely there's a miniature version to be had. Alas, there was none to be found. Until now! Releasing this fall from Tomytec's Buhinmokei series of scale models, not one but two 1/12 scale models of the Gyro Canopy! The first is a plain version while the second has the necessary cargo carrier on the rear. It is branded as a Pizza-la delivery scooter, but those logos will be easy to cover over with Mr. Muffin signage. Now the only thing I need is a 1/12 scale bunny suit guy...

In other news, the location of the Fredarting live drawing stream has been in flux lately, but hopefully we've settled out for the long haul located at I've updated the local Fredarting page to have the proper embedded video now. Those of you with accounts at should be able to use the same login at Twitch.


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