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< Piro >

"Sad Girl in Snow Blanket V2"

Sunday - October 18, 2015

[Piro] - 08:45:07 - [link here]

Pre-order is up for the new Sad Girl in Snow blanket! Pre-orders will be taken till November 20th. I'm starting pre-orders early so that there is a chance I can get these shipped out in time for Christmas (given a 4-5 week production schedule, I can't guarantee that unfortunately)

Also, please note that the photo on the order page is not a photo of the actual blanket, I will have a sample blanket probably by the end of next week. Also note, this is NOT a fleece blanket like the old SGIS blanket (I can't make those anymore) but a 100% cotton afghan throw just like the Komugiko blanket we offered last year. Pre-order time is limited, so be sure to order yours if you want one.

< Chemiclord >

"The Daynish Campaign Has Begun!"

Friday - May 20, 2016

[Chemiclord] - 05:12:26 - [link here]

Volume 4 of the MegaTokyo: Endgames series is available for sale!

For Kindle, follow this link!

For Paperback, click here!

And as always, you Nook users still get some love. Just click on this little link!

Thank you for your support over these last two years. I wouldn’t be able to keep going without everyone!

This particular book came together during some pretty rough moments of personal drama, which didn't help the pressure I put on myself to get it just right, and what contributed heavily to why it dropped a month later than my general goal of two books a year. The desire to get it just right is especially important to me because now we finally are going to start getting into the meat of the Endgames story.

While Tower of Kartage kinda set the mechanics of how the world works, and Dire Water and Fire Fox kinda gave us a bird's eye view of the world itself and the events that take place, now we're finally going to see a more ground level perspective, specifically of the adventuring days of Pirogoeth's life that up until now had only been hinted at. This is really digging into actual canon events of the entire MT world, and I won't deny being absolutely petrified at times that I will not present it in a quality fashion.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I hope you enjoy it, and are ready to dig in further while I get Book 5, The Great Underground Empire, ready!


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