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Monday - July 16, 2001

[Piro] - 09:12:00 - [link here]

[oops, forgot to update this when i posted the comic this morning. ^_^ Hope you all don't mind the 'adventures of Seraphim and Piro' comic today. I wanted to do this one ever since tuesday of last week when Seraphim and I really did need to call the Park Rangers to rescue us. ^_^ Tune in a bit later tonight for the whole story. :) - piro]

Hi everyone, i'm ba~~ck...

Well, Seraphim and I got back around 7:00pm last night, and... well, lets just say it was a interesting trip. We logged over 2,200 miles... ^_^

Obviously, i think i need to squeek one more day before i jump back into doing MT strips (i'm planning on doing a small strip about a certain 'incident' that happened on the trip tonight ^^;;) so i'm going to just throw in another one of the many, many fine guest strip entries that we recieved. I got a chuckle out of this one by Ericy Huang (Ototo-Hika).

Thanks again for all the fine guest strips, i hope everyone enjoyed them. You'll be seeing more of them, here and there, somehow, in the next few weeks.

While i was gone CafePress has made the new t-shirt designs availible! I hope you enjoy the new Clocked shirt and the new Baka^ni shirt. ^_^

'keepin it short this morning, because i have to run to work now. I'll be online later this evening, as well as working on a strip for tomorrow. The plan is to do a 'adventures of Piro and Seraphim' strip for tomorrow, and then jump back into Chapter 1 full boar starting wednesday.

And thanks for keeping back on the emails. I only had 100 to sort thru, and they were mostly spam ^_^

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"contest strip week"

Monday - July 9, 2001

[Largo] - 06:30:00 - [link here]

Well, this week is guest strip week, we'll have a new comic up everyday this week while Piro is vacationing.

We recieved so many submissions that we felt it wasn't fair that only five could be selected, so instead of spending one week on them, we'll just have guest strip every week, for a few months....... kidding.

Rest assured we'll be back next week with new material, or something that resembles new material.

Mondays's strip was selected because it featured something I never get tired of seeing, Piro injuring himself. If you would like to see more work by Matt Boyd & Ian McConiville, checkout this site.

Tuesday's strip was made by Akira Hasegawa.

Wednesday's madness is brought to you by the twisted mind of H.S. Kim

Thursday's l33tness is made by some other Dallas locals, Stars Overdose.

Friday's strip is brought to you by the Brothers Grinn.


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