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"M04r Comics? Yep."

Tuesday - February 21, 2017

[Piro] - 18:18:35 - [link here]

It's been a bit of a chaotic start for this year. Not crazy insane chaos like last year, but a lot of [screams externally] frustration and wading through fields of ugh. Yes, I've been in the ER twice in the past two months, but I came out doing just fine (until i get the bills at least ^^;;) and other than that the chaos i'm speaking of has been mostly churn. I have a lot of goals for this year and dammit, I'm gonna reach some of them because i'm due a little time to battle MY chaoses.

One of my goals for this year is to significantly increase Megatokyo comic output. There, I said it. Comics generally take about three to four days to produce. If the time doing this gets broken up (as has been happening a lot lately) it can take even longer. On average, I've been releasing two comics per month. That's not enough. This needs to change.

I want to have a better running flow of comics for readers to enjoy. I want to have more comics going for ME to enjoy. I want to finish this chapter so I can release Megatokyo Volume 7. This chapter is really just starting to get interesting and I am keen to see where it goes.

So, with it taking three to four days to produce a comic why has that meant only two comics per month? That's only eight days right? Surely I can fit in another three or four days for another comic? Well, for one thing I have a chunk of time every month (a week or more) I devote to work on the Megatokyo Visual Novel project (which I've been trying and failing to keep from becoming a 'redraw Megatokyo entirely from the beginning'). If anything, i'd like to increase this time so I can make quicker progress toward our next milestone.

The other activity that has been taking up a lot of time are non-comic Megatokyo illustrations. Why have I been putting so much time into these? Because it has been one of the primary ways i've been supporting myself in recent years. I have a section in the MegaGear store devoted to the sale of original art, from comic panels to stand alone illustrations. The simple fact is that fully rendered and drawn non-comic illustrations, especially color, sell better than regular comic panels. There is nothing strange about this, comic panels rely on adjacent drawings to form a whole and rarely stand alone well. So, when trying to earn monies to pay bills you try to produce work that you are fairly certain people might actually buy. While this has resulted in a large and robust gallery of full color Megatokyo illustrations there have been many times where I had to put aside working on the next Megatokyo comic to work on drawings for the store.

Oddly enough, the writing, drawing and creation of comic pages has always been the one thing in Megatokyo that does not directly support itself. Comics don't tend to earn anything until they are collected into print volumes, and as you might guess this is often not until years later. I can keep rolling along this way (I do love doing the illustrations - a lot of them have been very interesting and honestly inspired a lot of story development work) but if I want to produce more comics, this is where that time needs to come from.

This is where my new Patreon comes in. My goal with Patreon is to give Megatokyo readers the ability to support the creation of comic pages directly, reducing my need to do non-comic illustrations all the time. The comic itself won't change, it will always be a free to read webcomic. The only difference is that Patreon supporters will get a chance to see the comic 24hrs before everyone else. Another perk that supporters will get is something I have not often released - high resolution versions of finished comics. A lot of the detail I obsessively draw into the comics tends to get lost in the web-sized versions. I actually posted a new Megatokyo comic to the Patreon last night and will be posting it here later this evening.

So please take a look and consider supporting Megatokyo on Patreon.

I think i'll also try ranting more this year. Because, y'know, ranting and raving, sorta part of the process. :) Thank you for your support and for reading Megatokyo. I want to make Megatokyo not only worth reading (which it still kinda is) but worth *following* and reading regularly too. Regardless of how the Patreon does, I plan on trying to do this anyway. Your support can just help make it more feasible. :) Thank you.

And now to get to work on the next comic, which like always you can watch on my Twitch channelwhen I'm at my desk working. I typically broadcast just about every day, usually in the evenings. Oh, I'm a partner on Twitch and you are welcome to subscribe to my channel where you can use any of my Cute Megatokyo Girls with Small Heads emotes in your Twitch chatter (which also supports Megatokyo if you prefer that to Patreon :).

< Chemiclord >

"Prepare to Enter The Great Underground Empire…"

Sunday - March 26, 2017

[Chemiclord] - 08:10:02 - [link here]

It’s taken a while, to be sure. Day jobs, editing, coordinating artwork… it’s all slowed down the process. But the light at the end of the tunnel nears.

Book 5 of the MegaToyko: Endgames series, The Great Underground Empire, is currently slated for release on April 14th, 2017. Kobo readers will also finally join in the fun of release, as it will launch right along with Kindle, Nook, and paperback editions.

(As an aside, the first four books of the series have already been brought to the Kobo as well, so if you were waiting for that to happen, there ya go.)

Thank you all for your patience, and hopefully it won’t take quite as long to begin the trip to The Isle of Donne.


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