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< Piro >

Relax Miho, please sleep a bit more...

"Retconning a Scene Entry"

Monday - November 14, 2022

[Piro] - 18:51:32 - [link here]

Ok, if you look at comic above [1604] you might notice that it has changed from what i posted back in July (you might need to refresh your browser (ctrl-F5 or ctrl-R) to see it). Why?

Because i goofed up.

[TL;dr: small retcon for this comic: have to transition into earlier in the next scene so Mugi and Yaku can talk *before* Miho wakes up. Now I can insert the three pages in progress of Mugi and Yaku talking about what happened last chapter.]

In the churn of a mess that comic production has been over the last year i suppose it shouldn't surprise me that I goofed up.Part of the problem was as i reached the end of the first scene of the chapter I was over eager to jump ahead a little and decided that i coud skip over Yakugashi telling her mom everything that had happened. After posting the comic, I found myself seriously tripping over what came next because i realized i was skipping over a conversation between two characters that was too important to be just implied. Mugi's reaction to what Yakugashi tells her is just as important as the conversation she's going to have with Miho.

Also, given the slow pace of comics since the end of the last chapter, a nice recap ofwhat happened last chapter through Yakugashi's eyes would NOT be a bad thing.

I started with the idea of doing a recap comic using a few new drawings of Mugi and Yaku talking interspersed with a bunch of frames from old comics to flesh out the flashback. Of course, me being me, instead of keeping things simple, i ended up drawing two comics worth of back and forth frames between Yakugashi and her mom. It was turning into more of an important conversation (with flashback) than just a recap, which was ok - i think it's a conversation fans would like to see. So i figured, OK, i've got enough here for three comics, I'll just go ahead and finish these and then insert thenjust stick it in front of the last comic i did and...


Yeah, like an idiot, I had transitioned between Peek and Poke at the Foxhole and Yakugashi, Komugiko and Miho at the Hospital IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAST COMIC. >_< Which meant... i couldn't just insert comics before it or after it. I had to change a finished and posted comic.

I try not to do this. I view mistakes or unintentional boxing in of a story idea as a challenge that usually results in more interesting story ideas later. Butin this case... there was no real way around it.I needed Yaku and Mugi to have a conversation BEFORE Miho wakes up. So, in order to get these three pages of comic to fit, i had to retcon this comic and change the last three frames.

It's not TOO bad. It's not actually changing anything, i just have to transition to an earlier point in the next scene. I ended up using roughly the first couple of frames from the 3 page recap for the last three frames of this current comic, and i'll use the frames i removed towards the end of a comic about three pages from now.

Miho could use a little more sleep anyway.

Oh, if you want to see the original comic, there is a copy of it here.

So, that is done. After three months you get a half comic? Well, sort of. Next is to finish up the drawings for the next three pages, grab those recap frames I need, and start putting them all together so i can post them and try to make up for the last three months. It's all fine and well to tell supporters that you have drawn out three pages of comics, but it's not very entertaining for anyone if you can't read the actual comics yet.

I have other things to rant about here, including most importantly the fact that I have a new Wacom Cintiq 24 pro, replacing the 24HD which died three months ago. Lots to talk about with that, but it was more important to jump on this and get these comic changes up, and a rant with information about those changes. I'll rant about the new setup when i get the next comic or two up.

Thank you again, as always, for your support and patience.

(also please note that this particular comic has TWO rants listed with it now. Be sure to read the one about the end of Microblogging and my social media stuff right below this rant)

Back when i put the twitter feed on the site itself...

< Piro >

"So much for Microblogging..."

Saturday - October 29, 2022

[Piro] - 11:42:06 - [link here]

Well, after 15 years of using this new fangled "Twitter" thing for microblogging, that's enough of that. Back to normal ranting.

(For the record, this is not a rant about twitter, it's about me and the internet over the last thirty... years... oh geeze, it's been that long?)

When Twitter was just a new thing, i kinda liked the idea of using it for quick micro blogging (since i was such a slacker about writing rants) so i added two new twitter accounts to the main site in 2007.Twitter has kinda been my primary social media home for a long time and my experience with it has always been pretty decent (weird huh?). To be honest, I think i've just been lulled by the convinience of it. Writing a rant requires some time and some actual thought while plurting out a tweet is a 'toss out and forget' usually. Ironic considering how much i like to go on about things.

(It was kinda fun going back in the Wayback machine to see if i could find out when exactly I added the twitter feeds to the Megatokyo site. I joined Twitter in May 2007 and it looks like I added the feed stuff in late July or August. I also used to have a 'status' bar for the next comic. Hah, i've always been a comedian).

In the short history of the internet, there have been plenty of shifts between different sites and services that you would use as a primary way to stay in touch with and reach out to people. For me there are five primary formats I work with: live chat (to talk with people), microblogging (for larger group interactions), art sites (for sharing art and sketches), live video streaming (for online drawing) and commercial sites (for selling stuff and support). All of these overlap a lot (for instance,i've been mostly using twitter to post sketchbook stuff). I have switched servies in all of these categories many times, so switching from one service to another is nothing new... but is always a bit of a pain.

For example, for me I have always used text based communication services with friends since the early 90s. I remember getting into arguments with people on an online dial-up Bulliten Boards and having to step away from them because OMG i couldnt believe how upsetting arguing with people online could be. :) Then when the "Internet" came along (back when it was the new thing, it had been around for a long time already) I started with an America Online dialup account and discovered Newsgroups and Rec.arts.anime which is where I found out that Kimagure Orange Road was not just four videos but AN ENTIRE TV SERIES... well that started me trying to connect with people to track down some of these obscure fansub things (which required phsically mailing VHS tapes backand forth, none of this download and watch stuff).

Note that this was months before America Online added a web browser and let you directly access the World Wide Web. That was an intersting day when they added that.

It wasn't too long after that I ended up on a beta program run by the University of Michigan Alumni Association where you could get dial up access and an email account (my email address is so old that it is just three letters. I still have it, it is my work email).

Of course, with this world of websites out there i wanted to make my own. One of my online friends had a university account and was willing tolet me use some of his spacefor my first website (still can't thank you enough for that, Ben). Now, the history of me an my websites is a whole separate rant, but the one thing i wanted to get to was that there was this one new communication service out that I started to use, mostly because it allowed you to put a banner on your website that showed if you were online or offline: ICQ.

Ilivedon ICQ and it was the main way I communicated with people for a long time. I used it so much and for so long that I still don't recall why I ended up switching to AIM's Instant Messager. Maybe it was all those disks they kept sending me, I don't know. Then Isomehow ended up on IRC in a channel that for the early years of Megatokyo we made a point of NEVER mentioning to fans (because no one wanted an influx of MT fans there). That's the place where this annoying guy with the nickname "Largo" would often go off on l33tspeak filled rants and random idiocytill someone kicked him from the channel. It'stherewhere he hounded me about he thought we could do something cool with this awesome domain he owned. First, it was for some vague anime news site. Then, somehow, it ended upbeing this stupid comic with these two idiots based on us who went to Japan and got stuck. Like that was ever gonna go anywhere.

As the years went on, I kinda stopped using AIM and was pretty much just on IRC. I ended up migrating away fromthat channel to other channels that grew out of Megatokyo fandom like #megatokyo and eventually a channel called #fredrin that grew out of the based IRC channel. At some point we moved over to EFNet and things were stable for the longest time... until they weren't. About four or so years ago, I set up a Discord server and that's pretty much my current "live chat" home.

Ok, that was a lot (one bad thing about rants is, no text limit :P), but my point in all this is look at how much things shifted for me in just one of formats I use over the last thirty years. Services change, online homes change, move, migrate, fall apart, get better, become unusable, grow, die... it happens. The constant that *I* have that a lot of younger creators don't is my own website and domains that I fully control and that, while old and creaky,are still here and not going anywhere.

Well, the above is about 5,674 characters which would be over 20 tweets. Yay for talking too much.

So, i'm shifting away from twitter, which means two things - dusting off some old services that i havent posted to in a while and trying out some new ones. Here is a list of places you can find me and follow meif you are interested in them:

discord: (an invite to my primary hangout these days, the Megatokyo server, been around a few years.)

tumblr: (My old tumblr site is still up and running, just gonna start posting there again. It is a goofy place.) (I'm on the server, but you can follow me from any federated server. You can find out more about mastodon here at their website, also this is actually a pretty decent introduction to how to use it heresince it is a little different than twitter. Join me, i'll be trying this out for a while.)

instagram:, it's Meta, yes it's commercial, but I have it and i will experiment with this for a while to since a lot of people are already here

pillowfort: is a new art posting related service that is still in beta but worth experimenting with. Beta costs $5 to join currently, though you can get invites from people who use it. This is very much a trial, we'll see how it goes.)

facebook: of a legacy thing, this has been around for years. Using facebook is more than a little flawed, but i do maintain it and post comics here when they go live).

And, of course, there is this website and it's RSS feed (yes those still work! Google for RSS feed readers if you dont use them already), there is Twitch where i do live streaming on a regular basis, Patreon if you want to support me by becoming a Patreon, not to mention the little side webcomic Tokyo Threat Documentation Project that i've been doing over on webtoon, and my rebuild of my online art in my artstation website you can find at

Anyways, this has been a rough patch for Megatokyo itself lately (as you may have noticed, its been a while since a new comic). This is because i have to replace the comic thats up with four pages of comics in the MIDDLE of the current comic. I'll explain what's up with that in my next rant (which will probably be in a day or so as i work on it) so hang on, more info on that shortly.


< Chemiclord >

"Travel to "The Isle of Donne" at Long Last!"

Friday - August 16, 2019

[Chemiclord] - 16:04:14 - [link here]

It's been a long road, but the final book of the MegaTokyo: Endgames series is finally here. So let's get the actually important stuff out of the way.

The following links should lead you to your format of choice:





With this, we are now at the point where Fred's omake/extras segments kick off, with Largo ready to launch his attack on the Domina of Kuith, and where my contribution to the works of Fred Gallagher end. I like to say this is the culmination of about six years of work, but as I got to think one could say this really started with "Behind the Masque," which was largely a speculative foray way back in 2011, before Fred eventually decided that I could handle the development on my own. So yeah, actually more like eight years of my life have been spent on the Endgames world, which is kinda astonishing to look back on, considering that I can't entirely shake that I'm the "new kid" in all of this. I almost... don't want to leave it.

But at the same time, I kinda have to. I'm not really a "contract" writer at heart. I want to be able to do my own stuff with my own vision. Theoretically, around this time next year, you'll be seeing the results of those efforts (keep your fingers crossed for me).

Thank you all. These have been a rewarding and growing eight years, both professionally and personally. It's been a blast, and I will see ya around.


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