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< Piro >

*silent glaring*

"old webcomic artist yells at cloud"

Wednesday - November 30, 2022

[Piro] - 10:22:46 - [link here]

One thing ive found myself doing lately now that im sorta 'well fuck that twitter shit' is i am rambling on a LOT more when i type stuff. This can be viewed as a good or bad thing. Maybe for me it's not a bad thing. It's a bit like working in a 4 panel comic format. You can do a lot with a four panel setup, almost the first entire chapter of MT is all 4 panel. It has its own kinda pacing, setup, delivery, variables, etc.

But there are things i can do with the full page setup that were harder to do in a 4 panel setup. Even a full page setup has boundaries that impact what you pull together. For instance, this and the next two comics were all designed initially to be a single long page without an actual bottom. By breaking it back into individual pages,i ended up segmenting things so that each page has an amusing or meaningful stop (like Mugi's comment on Yaku's writing and that little bombshell that Yakugashi said there at the end). Boundaries can actually help produce good content. Being limited to X characters forces you to mitigate what you write. Having more to work with is nice (like Mastodon which has a 500 character limit) lets you ramble more. Then you get this place where i can rant on and on and you can't stop me.

but you can get bored and stop reading :)

so yeah, boundaries are not a bad thing, but you have to be careful when a boundary becomes an expected norm and you stop thinking outside of that boundary.

So, comics are rolling along again, it was a really unstable bunch of months there where things were a mess, but now that things are better set up and im trying to mitigate my work schedule a bit more hopefully things will get a bit more regular here. The other thing that is kinda neat... this social medial implosion crap is funny because it's making me wander back to posting the comic mainly on the Megatokyo site, aiming to have new rants to go with each comic, encouraging discussion of the comic in places other than twitter (like, say the forums where i encourage you to embrace the old school and go talk about the comic in the Story Development forum (hey, the megatokyo forums have been here since almost the beginning. Still there, people still engage in conversations about the comic. :)...

all sorta like old times. Kinda fun, actually. :)

So it's real nice the main Megatokyo site and all its functions are all still here and working just fine. Twitter is still there and sure i'll post stuff whatever, but now it's just one of a LOT of places i'm posting. Yes, i'll post everywhere, and we'll see where things fall into place best. Here is a complete list of how to follow me, find me, find Megatokyo communities, find the different kinds of media I post in, run away and never come back... what's kinda surprising how big a list it is:

Ok, that's... a lot.Feel free to follow me on your favorite or whichever home you enjoy hanging out at the most.

There are other places to find me and Megatokyo related stuff too:

I'll try to condense this stuff into better format to have easily accessable here on the site. More stuff to add

Oh, and don't forget there is a whole other comic i've been working on too over on webtoon: Tokyo Threat Documentation Project(going on at the same time as the events in Megatokyo itself)

Ok, that should be enough to keep you busy for a while. Thank you all again for all your support over the years, lets see where this all goes.

< Chemiclord >

"Travel to "The Isle of Donne" at Long Last!"

Friday - August 16, 2019

[Chemiclord] - 16:04:14 - [link here]

It's been a long road, but the final book of the MegaTokyo: Endgames series is finally here. So let's get the actually important stuff out of the way.

The following links should lead you to your format of choice:





With this, we are now at the point where Fred's omake/extras segments kick off, with Largo ready to launch his attack on the Domina of Kuith, and where my contribution to the works of Fred Gallagher end. I like to say this is the culmination of about six years of work, but as I got to think one could say this really started with "Behind the Masque," which was largely a speculative foray way back in 2011, before Fred eventually decided that I could handle the development on my own. So yeah, actually more like eight years of my life have been spent on the Endgames world, which is kinda astonishing to look back on, considering that I can't entirely shake that I'm the "new kid" in all of this. I almost... don't want to leave it.

But at the same time, I kinda have to. I'm not really a "contract" writer at heart. I want to be able to do my own stuff with my own vision. Theoretically, around this time next year, you'll be seeing the results of those efforts (keep your fingers crossed for me).

Thank you all. These have been a rewarding and growing eight years, both professionally and personally. It's been a blast, and I will see ya around.


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