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< Piro >

Michiru, Minagi Tohno's friend in AIR


Wednesday - September 20, 2000

[Piro] - 10:41:00 - [link here]

Ok, Largo, whatever drugs you are on, I want some. And remind me not to come by till you get that zombie problem taken care of.

Today is not a day to expect any kind of point from my passive little rant. That wonderful, blissful freight train known as 'life' has this way of nipping at your heels and threatening to munge you under thousands of tons of steel, plastic and deadlines. Such is the week I am suffering. It's going to be a long day.

Of course, it doesn't help that Ukiya kept sending me screenshots from Air as he played his way thru to the end last night. Grrrr... i don't have mine yet. When I get it I wont have time to play it. Ukiya wa ijiwaru~~!!

I'm glad that people seem to be reacting well to my artwork - gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. One thing I've always tried to do is encourage others, including you (yes you) to draw. Drawing is one of those things that we became too cool to continue doing around the third grade (unless you were a total geek like me) but there are real joys to it - even if you don't think you are any good. Keep this in mind - there is ALWAYS someone better. If that fact that your drawings aren't as good as others keeps you from drawing, then i might as well quit too.

I know, i know. you need lessons. I'm workin on em.

I've watched a lot of my online friends really improve over the years. For example, JPSimon, a friend of mine, has developed a really nice style and in a few years will be drawing a hella lot better than me. Great color and fashion sense too. :) I should mention that Jonah also helped me break out of my design rut for the layout of the Megatokyo site. His layout gave me a lot of the great ideas that I have incorporated into this site. Thanks JP. :) (to view his site you need to have IE version 5 - he's big into DHTML and Flash and stuff - really wortha visit.)

I'm afraid i need to keep it kinda short today - which is hard for a chatterbox like me, but may be welcomed by our readers. Crunch days happen in real life, especially in my given profession. I'm looking at it being a good possibility that i might just have to skip that thing called sleep altogether tonight... I guess I just have to pump up the caffeine IV a little...

< Largo >

you're already here.

"need new games..."

Thursday - September 21, 2000

[Largo] - 01:29:00 - [link here]

News! Woohoo! rejoice for Baldurs Gate II has shipped to stores early! click here, and here for details!

The impossible has happened, a ski resort opened in hell, the new Duke Nuke'm game was released, my rant is now late. I've been really ill this week, not much of an excuse but it works for me.

Behold today's strip, sometimes a strip requires a explaination, but some jokes should never be explained, and today's is one of them.

The shirt debate seems to loom over in the forum. We've got a general consensus that the l33t shirt should be made, the color of the shirt seems the biggest problem right now. We thought about using one outlet that would be easy for us to deal with, however they only deal in white shirts. There seems to be a good number of people who really want to see it on a black shirt. Since this is the case, I'll be looking around for another vendor to see if this can be done.

Some readers seem to be curious what exactly this strip is supposed to be about. Although I help make it, I still feel unqualified to answer that question. The strip is the product of two people from different worlds.

I ran across this over at the Mushroom. While not in the vein of our normal stuff, as a ICQ user, I thought it was frightningly dead on.

As I've been ill, I haven't gotten much game time in, but as I continue to take massive amounts of prescribed drugs and alcohol, I have been giving thought to a plague that has been destroying the very fabric of this great country for a long time, zombies!

I mean think about it, here you are sitting in your home and suddenly your window is broken and a damn zombie is reaching inside, and you are like "Hey zombie! get out of my house!", and the zombie just moans and pretends to be deaf, but we know better, so then we have to go and grab a crossbow with explosive bolts or a handgun to dispatch the damn thing. Then we have to deal with removing this stinking corpse from our house, and replace the broken window. Just who pays for that window? Why we do.. you ever tried to get zombie home owner insurance? I think not, they won't even offer it… I called up my insurance company and demanded coverage for zombie damage and they refused! It is a conspiracy against home owners and mad scientists everywhere I tell you, and something should be done about it.

So please, write in to your congressmen and demand that they do something to solve the zombie problem.


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