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< Piro >

shiawase desu ka...?

"kinda sad about"

Friday - September 28, 2001

[Piro] - 09:45:24 - [link here]

Well, i trashed the first rant I was writing for today. I tend to be pretty reactive to things sometimes. Depending on where I look, I can find MT related things on the net that can make me smile, laugh, feel good about the comic, think, sad, annoyed, angry, upset, depressed, ready to nuke the hell out of a few small towns in Iowa. I can find positive comments about me and MT that glow blindingly like some kind of creepy radioactive goo, or I can read long winded hate-filled personal attacks that call MT a piece of 'filth' and me a "crybaby full of false modesty".

Y'know, i'm one of those types of people that just can't stand it when someone isn't happy with them. I just can't rest till everyone around me is happy and content. This kind of behavior construct leads to a life of frustration, as you can imagine. I had a bitch of a time when it was just friends, family, co-workers and the variety of people that surround a normal life i had to keep happy. So what do i do? I have to go and make my neurosis even more impossible to deal with by making a popular webcomic. Oh yea, way to go piro. -_-

Anyways, i wrote something long and boring and irritated. You are saved from having to read it thanks to the wonders of the delete key. The only point in it that was worth saving was a comment directed at those who seem to feel the need to attack me personally in your dislike of Megatokyo - You don't understand me at all, so go to fucking hell and take your hatred with you.

There, that's better. ^_^

Today's comic is gonna be late, and I apologize for that. Seraphim had some complications arise last night from the oral surgery procedure she had last thursday, and we need to run back up there today. No worries, she's fine, we just have to deal with it today, and she was hurtin pretty good. I love Megatokyo, i'm good on the 3 a week schedule, but Seraphim is my #1 priority, so... you get the idea ^_^

Gosh, all sorts of stuff going on. I'm glad to be (almost) back on schedule. I didn't like the 2 a week thing. Sure, i didn't have to draw as much, but we found ourselves trying to squeeze 3 comics worth of material into 2 comics. Thats harder than just drawing 3 comics. ^_^

One of the nice things about college having started up recently is that the local college anime clubs are starting ther anime showings. The local club here at the University of Michigan, Animania, has a pretty decent showing this weekend - Angelic Layer, Love Hina, Mimi wo Sumaseba and Initial D. I'm thinking i might run down and see Mimi wo Sumaseba (whisper of the heart) ... it's one of my favorite all time movies. It's a wonderful Ghilbi film. Anyways, be sure to check out and support your local Anime clubs, for years they've all had a big part in helping bring more and more Japanese Anime to these shores, and the screening are usually a great way to sample stuff you haven't seen before. Always see the Ghilbi films on a bigger screen if you can - it's well worth the effort.

I've got to run - i'll probably finish most of todays comic while sitting in the waiting room at the surgeon's office. It's true, i can pretty much draw anywhere these days. :)

Great, now i've got the strains of 'concrete road~~' running thru my head... gah!


You can support Megatokyo by getting yourself some cool YakPak swag using the link below. Piro has been carrying a black Medium Flapdoozy since the comic started (because that's what i really use ^_^). Also, the YakPak people are cool folk:

N yakpak120x60


On a sad note, i recieved word that one of our webcomic creators has passed away at the very young age of 20. Nicole Kohn, one half of the webcomic "The Osaka Journals" died Friday, September 21st at 2PM - I recieved an email from Bart telling me about her passing, and that she was also a MT fan. I'm particularly sad because i never did get around to answering Nicole's email. :( Our deepest sympathies, Bart, for you and your family and friends.


Oh! yet another note. Remember OmochaBox? they just opened a new store in Los Angeles a few weeks ago - but they had to postpone thier opening ceremonies because it was the weekend after the WTC disaster. Well, they are holding the grand opening stuff this weekend instead. Kunihiko Ikuhara, renowned director of sailor moon and revolutionary girl utena, will be signing autographs on saturday, september 29, 2001 from 2pm to 4pm. Mari Iijima, international recording artist and actress, will be signing autographs september 30, 2001 from 2pm to 4pm. So, if you live in the area, head on over sometime this weekend.

< Largo >

you're already here.

"megatokyo 2.0"

Monday - September 17, 2001

[Largo] - 23:59:00 - [link here]

Tonight, MegaTokyo launched it's new backend, version 2.0!

I've spent the better part of last month doing data entry into this beast, over 160 strips, and 200 rants had to be manually re-entered due to the way we used to store the data, (it wasn't pretty).

I had thought about writing a script to do the conversation for me, but going back over the old data gave me a chance to clean it up, fix some broken links, incorrect dates, etc.

The new backend is running off the defacto standard combination of apache with mysql & php. It's also about 20x faster then the previous backend. Why not give it a few clicks and see if you notice a difference?

ah, I love speed.

It's nice to finally get this system finished, and in production. After the events of last week, it feels good to be creating again. There just isn't a substitute for the feeling of bringing something new to people, in any form.

Well, having done that, I'm going on vacation. In the morning I'll be heading out to somewhere in the mountain ranges of Colorado, so I'm told.


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