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rabi waiii~

"munge this..."

Friday - September 29, 2000

[Piro] - 16:34:00 - [link here]

Ah, it's the last day of September. It's been just about a month and a half since we started megatokyo. Back when largo talked me into doing this strip during one of my slightly longer lapses of sanity, I figured that I'd give it a month and see how it goes. At first we were totally clueless about things like Sites That People Actually Visit (tm) and What To Do If You Have One(tm). Largo got some traffic analysis tools running and we determined that, geewow, a few people really ARE reading it. After 21 strips, I can draw a little better now thanks to the practice, so it wasn't all bad. My computer (affectionately known as "Ayu-chan") has had only three close calls where I was ready to take a lead pipe and munge it to a plasticy metal pulp. I get far less sleep than i used to. I think that a few of the strips were actually funny.

I guess I'll keep drawing the comic. What the hell. ^^;;

If you haven't already noticed, we've replaced the old forum with InfoPop's Ultimate Bulletin Board. The old forum worked just fine over at fredart, but then again, there wasn't a lot of traffic there. The MT forum started groaning under the load pretty quick, and I personally had trouble keeping up with all the threads. Largo and I have been talking about replacing it for many weeks now, and we knew we had to eventually. We like to think of it as a gift to our little community, such as it is ^^;; - we hope you all enjoy it. Its easier to use than the old one, lets you register your nick and stuff and is a hella lot faster too. Oh, and you can thank largo for ponying up the credit card number to get it. Whatta guy. :P

While Largo was being useful and installing the forum, I was totally veging out watching TV. My brain had finally coagulated into a rather sluggish mush by the end of the week. I couldn't draw worth crap (I have an unfinished sketch of Mikage sitting here that gives me the freaks and should be burned). So, in that fluidic state, what more perfect thing to watch than DigiCharat! Wai! I Finally had a chance to watch the DigiCharat Summer Special. The animation was a bit lacking, which really surprised me - some of it seemed excessively cheezy. It's a shame given the cuteness of the characters. The best art in the whole show was the ending credits - of which today's screenshot is a sample of... ah, Rabi-chan wa kawaii~!

I then spent the better part of two hours watching more Miracle Girls. I really had forgot how good this show is. (sigh) Only Mikage could make falling down the stairs on her ass so incredibly cute. :) Mikage-kun~~!

< Largo >

you're already here.


Saturday - September 30, 2000

[Largo] - 08:10:00 - [link here]

Update: We went ahead and purchased/installed the "Ultimate Bulletin Board(c)" software, this means we had to lose all the old forums, but the new forums should last for all practical purposes - forever. One nice featue of UBB is that you can register your username and setup a profile.

Today's strip is a monument to my legendary lack of tact. Yeah, yeah - laugh it up, I know where you all live!

Before I go any further, there is a new online comic I want to plug, Fringe of Insanity. Fringe is put together by two creatives. Piro and I have been really pleased with our two man chop-shop called MegaTokyo, so it's cool when we see other people pair'ing off to make cool stuff™. For those of you who never listen to what I have to say anyways, know that the perma-cool Tycho Brahe liked Fringe of Insanity. Also if you don't go read it, I will place a curse on you, so your pre-order'd PS2's doesn't get shipped on time!

Speaking of comics, Lamina wrote in to point out that we got cameo'd over at Beta, a neat comic you should also visit - or I'll put a curse.. hrm, no wait.. already tried that.

I promised my friends over at A Land Far Away that I'd give 'em a few minutes of link-atage so here we go. ALFA is a private organization that is being setup to recreate the entire Forgotten Realms using Bioware's Neverwinter Nights software. Though Neverwinter Nights will not be released until next summer, this group has been recruiting players and dedicated servers and Dungeon Master's like mad. If you are interested in joining a persistent NWN world next summer, give ALFA a few minutes of your time, right now it's the largest and most well-run NWN project.

There is a an article over at Game Informer about Microsoft putting a censor chip in the X-Box. It's no secret I like the X-Box, for that reason alone I get more dead fish delivered to my door now.

As for this censor ship, I'm a bit divided, I've always believed that games should not be censored and when you start giving in to censorship you begin to fall down a slippery slope that in this country is impossible to climb back up again. I don't really blame Microsoft for putting it in their console, with all their current legal troubles this is a good way to eliminate one of them. However, there should be some balance coming from the developers, now if we are going to have the ability to allow the owners of every X-Box to set the limits on what a child can and can't play, then why not target the audience on the other side of the spectrum and give us fans of obsessive violence something really sweet to play? Developers, listen up, I'm asking for something so far out there that you'll need to invent a new rating just to classify it.

I'm hoping they'll call it a "L-Rating", for Largo.


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