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Wednesday - January 2, 2002

[Piro] - 00:05:05 - [link here]

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. I, too, enjoyed my 'break', such as it was... Oddly enough, i was even able to catch up on sleep. I never realized just how overtired i was. Doing much better now.

Last monday i remember how i was just NOT able to draw. I remember struggling all weekend to do a two part chirstmas comic. I remember promising 4 comics for that week. I remember how i felt like i was forcing things, and how i was so ... *unhappy* with the way my drawings, the scripts, and the comic itself was looking. I remember standing in the kitchen saying to myself that i needed a break.

I sat down and wrote a long rant about why i needed a break. Seraphim told me that people don't need excuses and explanations - just take the break, and stop whining about it.

so, i deleted it. ^_^ Glad i did. It was pretty dumb.

Anyways, it's been a rather crazy week. I've been busy with a deadline at work (project is due tomorrow night - i've worked every day since christmas to try to finish it) so... i haven't exactly been goofing off, but not having to do the comic make it so i actually got some sleep this week ^_^. The MT server got a major overhaul over christmas, including new hard drive, new linux kernel and install, and a new slab of memory. Once things settled out, the server has been working well.

Once that settled out, i started having my own problems. Comcast did this lovely switch-over from the old roadrunner network I was on to new service... and lets just say it's been less than 'smooth'. A lot of websites are inaccessible to me, including (believe it or not) itself. After changing the DNS servers manually, i was able to access the server, ftp, ssh, etc without any problems - but i discovered that comcast has a horribly implemented proxy server in place now... and it has major issues with many popular websites... including mine. I found a way around the problem by manually setting a different proxy server on different ports - its slow and annoying, but it works. It will do till Comcast gets their shit together. (sigh)

Anyways, the new year is here, and its time to get cracking again. We're starting off a little slow with a one-panel filler comic that i had done a while ago (since i am technically still in the middle of a deadline, i was a little short on time tonight to draw up a comic), but we are back to normal MT storyline starting friday.

Thanks for the patience, folks, and thanks for the break. I know it was frustrating for some of you, and people have been predicting the death of MT. heh. gimmie a break. Some people have no faith. Faith is good. We don't really have plans to let you down. :)

Oh, and where is the status bar? we wont need that anymore. My new years resolution is to have a comic up and ready to go every monday wendnesday and friday from here on out. I've cried wolf too often about when things will be done, and i havent really been maintaining the window properly anyways. Less griping, more coimcs - Megatokyo, year 2002. :) Or at least thats the plan ^^;;

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you're already here.

"New Year Plug-atage"

Tuesday - January 1, 2002

[Largo] - 00:00:01 - [link here]

Happy New Year or something!

You ever wonder what they do with the old years when they get the new ones? I have to wonder if it's like computer hardware. New Year comes in and the old ones get donated to some under funded universe or school system, or there is the Steven King version where they get eaten by flying pac-man like things... I dunno. moving on now...

Resolutions, simple - I resolve to drink more, and rant less. -- or was it the other way round? Rubiko seems to want to resolve to eat more pie. (rubiko like pie)

Well it’s been awhile, but I’m back in the rant-seat and kicking it old school… er, okay, screw that. I’ve got some things I’d like to plug, and whether or not you continue reading will determine if I’ve inflicted my shameless plugging upon your person.

First up, conventions.

Piro and I generally only attend conventions that can pay our way (hotel/travel), it makes it easier on our tiny mt-budget, the time we have to take away from both our day jobs and the website, etc. As such, we don’t attend very many anime conventions.

However, some exceptions have popped up in the next few weeks for those interested.

I will be attending Ohayocon in lovely smog filled Cleveland, OH on January 11th-13th.

Also, I’ll be displaying some Texas pride that I picked up recently by attending one of the state’s local conventions - Ushicon on February 1st-3rd.

The only convention to book both Piro and I for 2002 so far is the ancient tradition known as A-Kon in Dallas, TX on May 31st-June 2nd.

For randomness we plan to be lurking around E3 again this year, hopefully run into some other of the website crews that seem to flock to that tradeshow like flies to a very bright light.

Ahhh.. E3 goodness… Nothing like wall to wall jumbotrons blasting you from every direction with video game sweetness. It’s akin to my religious pilgrimidge now, but like any good holy-type quest, only the truly divine can survive the trials such as the line of hell. Last year I had to save Piro from the Minotaur in the center of the maze-like main ballroom. I dunno why, but Minotaurs like webcomic artists, especially on toasted bread with honey mustard.

And Finally, before I get slapped. Rubiko is holding a fanart contest with the prize being some of her cool stuff(tm). The cool stuff being her own personal collection of Asuka, Ribbon & LaLa compilation manga. Information is located here on her forum.


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