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< Piro >

Aoi-san... abunai~


Monday - October 2, 2000

[Piro] - 10:44:00 - [link here]

Well, yesterday sure did suck.

After an early Monday Morning Meeting (which should be illegal as hell) I sat down at my desk to find a short icq message from largo: "hey, i think I've been fired."

Oh boy. That was it, just that short message, and no response to any other querys for several hours. I feared for the lives of a good part of the population of the area where largo lives till i finally heard from him.

Largo lobbed his rant at me prior to it being posted here for everyone to read. My first reaction was to try to get him to tone down his rather, er, 'aggressive' stance. I'm a brave person, i think, to stand there, facing a frothing largo saying 'gee, are you sure about this line here?' ^^;; I was worried about it. I wouldn't be saying things the way he was...

At that point i stopped. Largo's reaction to his dismissal was very different than what mine would be. My reaction would be different, i would say different things, i would approach it from a different angle. Largo and I really are two different kinds of people. Largo is a bit explosive, reactionary, tenacious and dangerous to small pets and children. He prefers a full all out frontal attack. I tend to be far more subversive. I'd play more subtle games - come in from the side or underneath, or perhaps employ a few of my goons to go in and break a few legs 'without my knowledge' :)

I guess i decided that it's Largo's rant, it's his stage - go to town dude. What the hell. I'll always be here to identify the remains if it ever goes bad. :P

I would like to apologize for the lack of a new sketch this weekend over at fredart - I even had to pull a Bad Art Day on Monday. I should be able to put something in the next few days, if any of these crappy drawings start to look like anything.

Today's screenshot is a little random - but for some reason it made me chuckle. It's from a short comic in a True Love Story 2 special book - a very VERY cute little comic. The girls complain that in the game they never get to go on a school trip, so they take one - with many disastrous consequences. :)

< Largo >

"corporate america sucks"

Tuesday - October 3, 2000

[Largo] - 15:34:00 - [link here]

"Senior Management", what can be said for a entity with so little concern for the well being of others that creating misery becomes par for the course of going through each week. Sure, coporations are expected to act in their own self-interests, I have no problem with that - but I do hate when they go out of their way to screw people, even when it really doesn't benefit themselves. You'd think darwinism would take care of something like this... of course, with, maybe it is happening...

So why do I say these things? What brings on such a non-gamer topic of the workplace and management? � To tell you, I've been fired from my day job.

Like so many engineers in the past few months, I have been terminated for absurd reasons to satisfy a cleaning of house by upper management, all in the name of budget cuts. Perhaps I shouldn't be writing this rant, you could say it's only me airing dirty laundry, whining about the old white coller world. You could even say that it makes me look unprofessional? perhaps...

Maybe I'm not as professional as I once thought, ahwell -- good riddence to it.

Though it sounds extreme, I'm tired of working for people who feel that there should be no bond between employee and employer, so if this little rant actually hurts my chances in getting a new job - so be it, I'd rather not work for a place that places no merit in the virtures of truth, or loyalty, compassion, spiritu... err wait, that's Ultima's virtues...

They used to say the jester's job had only one perk, he was only member of the court that could tell his King the truth. I suppose my embracement of comedy makes me out to be more of a jester then a corporate shill.

With my departure from that place I take with me one blue ink pen. I will now always carry this pen with me just for the hope that someday I may run into my former employer and ram it through his empty black heart.

Meanwhile I'll be busy setting fire to my old office building.


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