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< Piro >

Kimiko and Piro

"art therapy"

Friday - March 29, 2002

[Piro] - 12:56:01 - [link here]

Well, as i said in the status bar above - real sorry about the schedule collapse this week. (and please, stop sending me emails telling me to stop apologizing. its only common courtesy to apologize for being late. mou...)

but you gotta admit - even YOU would apologize for putting up a Shirt Guy Dom strip. ^_^

I've ranted enough about the joys of deadlines in my day job, so i won't bore you with any more griping (griping is fun tho ^_^) I finally managed to get home fairly late - and just as i expected, i had about as much energy and time to do a comic for tomorrow as that little AA battery in the clock near my TV that has been telling me it's 3:23am for the past few days.

Stress is a funny thing. I admit, its been a really stressful week. One of the things about forcing yourself to draw to meet a regular schedule like MT requires is that i've had to draw in all sorts of moods - from the euphoric, relaxed and totally in groove with what i'm drawing, to the seraphim-taking-away-the-pruning-shears-as-i-take-them-to-my-fingers moods.

Sometimes, when you are stressed, you feel like there is all sorts of stuff bottled up inside. What it is might not be what you need to draw the scheduled work, but sometimes, when just allowing yourself to freesketch, that stressed, pensive mood can lead to some pretty good drawings, that have a lot of feeling in them.

over on Fredart (my poor neglected art page (sniff)) i posted one these types of sketches, a drawing i did just by sitting down and sketching at random. I had no plan, really, but... for some reason, it really caught something profound about Kimiko and Piro. Since Dom had worked so hard on the SGD strip for today, i decided that fredart was the place to put this sketch - think of it as something extra. I hope it makes up a little for leaving you hanging on the largo/miho story. no worries, i'll have the next installment up by saturday. :) WORST case monday :P

I'll keep you posted. I gotta go to bed before i fall over. ^_^

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< Ukyo >

Aniverse Networks


Monday - April 1, 2002

[Ukyo] - 00:08:26 - [link here]

Hey everyone, it's about time that I ranted.As I am sitting here, I am listening to a liveaudio broadcast via ShoutCast by our friendsover at JapanARadio, a free service that maybe permanently leaving the the internet. (Orcome close to.)

On May 21st, the U.S. Copyright Office will bepresented by recomendations by the CopyrightArbitration Royalty Panel ("CARP") to chargewebcasters at rates that would almost ineffect shut down next to all webcasters outthere save a few 2 - 3 large ones. If you wouldlike more information on what you can do, forinformation on what you can do help stop this,and for more detailed information, please visitwww.SaveInternetRadio.Org.

From what I am told, and read, they wantAM/FM stations that do WebCasting to pay.07 cents per listener, PER SONG. And if that'snot bad, its double for non-airwavewebcasters. Those webcasters who are notactual AM/FM stations will have to pay double that per listener, per song. Webcasters barely make enoughmoney off of it to keep it going as it is already. Even non-commercial sites have to pay .02 cents per.

I don't believe that I or anyone else out therelikes the idea of not being able to groove tolive audio streams while at work, or at homechatting. I agree with 'Phil' when he said,"The government fails to see that most webcastersaren't businesses, but simple not-for-profitenthusiasts that enjoy music and like to listenand program their selections to their individualtastes instead of having their selectionsdictated and plagued with commercial interruptionand traffic reports."

Not only will they be charging webcasters, butthey will also be invading YOUR privacy. Thatright, webcasters will be forced to make all oftheir listeners fill out personal informationforms online, to submit to them.

As many of you know, we will be attendingAnimeCentral on April 19 - 22. We are stillnot sure on when our panel will be, but assoon as we find out we will try to post it herefor everyone.


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