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Monday - April 29, 2002

[Piro] - 08:15:00 - [link here]

I'm working on that Anime Central report, as well as some other comments on what was horrid week last week. Things should be back on track this week, so look for the next comic and the Acen report by wednesday.

so think of this as the shortest piro rant ever. :)

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you're already here.

"NWN Beta!"

Monday - April 22, 2002

[Largo] - 13:26:00 - [link here]

This just in from our friends at Bioware.

News Alert!

From Bioware: Media Advisory

"You've asked for it, now you've got it!

Neverwinter Nights limited open Beta Test announced.Select fans and members of the public play Neverwinter Nights early!

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada - April 22nd, 2002 - BioWare Corp. and Infogrames Inc. are pleased to present the limited open Beta test for one of the most anticipated PC games of the year - Neverwinter Nights. Selected PC game fans will have an unprecedented opportunity to dig into the rich world of Neverwinter Nights before anyone else.

"Neverwinter Nights will appeal to all types of gamers. This limited beta test will allow selected gamers, of every type and interest, an opportunity to find out why Neverwinter Nights is a ‘must own’ addition to every gamer’s collection," said Greg Zeschuk, Joint CEO and Co-Executive Producer of Neverwinter Nights. "We’ve never conducted an open beta test before," added Ray Muzyka, BioWare’s Joint CEO and Co-Executive Producer of Neverwinter Nights. "We’ll be testing module designs, connectivity, and other technical aspects of the game, as well as offering the growing Neverwinter Nights community a snapshot of what we’ ve been working on at BioWare these last five years," he concluded.

To enter the Beta test program, prospective testers must visit (, click on "Register Now" and complete the sign-up form. BioWare and Infogrames staff will select beta testers every week in a rolling acceptance process. The initial wave of Beta discs will be sent to the lucky first testers in early May."


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