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"Texas scares me..."

Thursday - May 30, 2002

[Piro] - 08:09:01 - [link here]

Project A-kon - Dallas/Fort Worth Hyatt 2002

Project A-kon Information

Ok, its con time again, and this time both Largo and I will be at Project A-kon, which is being held at the Hyatt Regency DFW. Located at the DFW International Airport. May 31 - June 2, 2002 (that's tomorrow folks!). From our little poll that we put up last week, it looks like there are about 500 or so Megatokyo readers who are going to A-kon, so here's the place to find the latest information on who what where and when.

First thing. If i can manage to bring a couple of tubes onto the plane without getting arrested for being a terrorist, I'll have a bunch of Capture the Bear posters available for sale at the USAnime booth in the dealers room (same guys who sold MT T-shirts at Anime Central). These full color posters are 18 x 24, and cost $13.99. Don't worry about trying to get one if you arent at the con - the majority of these posters will be available to order online starting next week.

Also of note, if you remember last year tsubasa and i were working with a japanese group called Device High - Tsubasa was working with them to produce a few Megatokyo tracks for the CDrom project we were working on. Well, the CDrom project never happened, but the music did. ^_^ Their newest disk "The Device In Love(Koi suru Device)" has two Megatokyo related songs on it. Hoteiya, a los vegas based Anime specialty store, has a bunch of these disks in stock and will have them available for purchase at their booth in the dealers room at A-kon. It's a very good CD - i look forward to the possibility of doing work with them in the future.

Ok, enough of that, on to the schedule:

- Friday, May 31, 2002 -

I don't think there is anything specific planned for Largo and myself for friday - i'm flying into Dallas that morning, so i think the schedule is fairly loose. My plan is to spend most of the day at the Megatokyo table in the Komic Market area - I'll actually have net access at my table, so i should be able to update this page as things come up during the con. As always, drop by the table to say hi and whatnot. Sketches are free, don't be afraid to ask me to draw something.

- Saturday, June 01, 2002 -

Megatokyo Discussion Panel - 1:00 to 3:00 pm (Enterprise 3 & 4) This is the main Megatokyo panel and event at the con. Maybe this time someone will listen to us and get us a big enough room to fit everyone. (ahem) I've been assured that this room is big enough to accommodate everyone, so hopefully no one will be stranded in the hall. If for some reason the room ISN'T big enough, i will give a second panel if necessary.

- Sunday, June 02, 2002 -

Autograph Session - 2:00 (Autograph Area) ugh. this is Largo and I get to ruin program books and other pieces of paper and cloth by scribbling on them with sharpie pens.

There, that should do it. Basically, i plan to hang out at the Artists Alley table for a good part of the con. I will warn you, however - i'm not prepared for this con at all. Thinks have been too busy.

Finally, one last note about the Megatokyo schedule for the comic itself. Unfortunately, since i had to work last night, and i leave for dallas friday morning, i need to face facts and realize that i will not be getting a regular comic done for friday. I'll put together a nice Dead Piro Art Day - i know, disappointing, irritating, etc etc etc - i do what i can do, which isn't always good enough. I wont make excuses. I knew this week was going to be a hard one to make it thru. :(

< Dom >

First, ninjas ate my baby. Now, I want a ninja to have my baby. I call it karma.

"miscellaneous debris"

Thursday - May 30, 2002

[Dom] - 13:00:00 - [link here]

Well, I ended up going to KublaCon for more time than I originally intended, simply for more Shadowfist. And, yes, I bought Grave Robbers from Outer Space, a game that I will have no problems getting Ed to play ("Wait. You said there's a chainsaw in this game?"). Thanks to all the people who helped me shake the rust off of my kung fu, including Frank (who kicked my ass handily in Who Wants Some) Max, Eric, and all the others. Special props to the guys who gave me the Golden Gunman and the White Ninja (pictured above in the awesome art by Kaja Foglio) for pretty much free. I'll definitely be heading to the Proving Grounds this summer to go in for some redemption action... muhaha.

In other news, E3. I didn't go myself, electing instead to sit back and hold down the fort at the office--IE take some paid vacation time, since everyone I would have dealt with normally was down in LA running around the floor begging for the next appointment to be closer. The VP of creative services gave us homebodies a few free lunches in the bargain, so I don't think I missed much there--well, except an opportunity to kick Greg Dean's ass. And make more fun of Hot Soup.

But what I did get out of E3 was a picture of my future. And it is full of ninjas. Well, just one. Shinobi ate my quarters in the arcade, it owned my soul on the Sega Master System, and filled up lots of my Genesis time. And now that Sakura Taisen is effectively done, Shinobi can begin again.

Meanwhile, Panzer Dragoon Orta looks like it'll be great--except I'll be freaked out when it turns out to be an actual sequel for once, instead of a cryptic prequel. I'll be absolutely shocked, given how Zwei and Azel were connected to the first.

Yes, I'm a Sega fan.

But beyond just Sega, some more games I can't wait to get my hands on are Steel Battalion--which my editor said made him nervous, because the controller for that thing is huge and made him feel as if his father was forcing him to pilot the world-saving robot--and BloodRayne, which has some interesting concepts if they can pull it off (cough cough Munch'sOddyseecough) and Deus Ex 2, which suffers from being in the same show as Doom III, but which I don't doubt will do just as well.

I guess a rant on E3 wouldn't be complete without mentioning my roommate's insatiable lust for Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. So there it is. I shall speak no further on the subject.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to craft some war. Goddamn double hero rushers...


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