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it's wang-tastic!

"bench good, laryngitis bad"

Sunday - October 15, 2000

[Piro] - 10:57:00 - [link here]

Ok, being sick sucks. I'm feeling better, but still not 100%. In fact, its good that I don't have to actually speak to everyone right now because... well, i can't talk. My throat irritation is such that i have to wispier. I went around all day yesterday sounding like the Godfather with Bronchitis till my voice finally gave out once and for all around 10:30. Wonderful. I have another big presentation Monday night. Thank god I'm not the one who has to actually present stuff. ^^;;

I want to give everyone who sent me get well wishes a great big thanks. I figured I was gonna get hate mail, but instead I got a flurry of get well wishes. Thanks everyone. I don't get sick often, and I can't wait to finally get over this. :)

Yesterday I was feeling good enough to hit the town with my girlfriend Sarah to see Great Big Sea , a pretty kickin Celtic folk band from Newfoundland, it was a blast. Of course, by the end of the concert, my voice was shot. :)

Oh, and speaking of Sarah, if you are curious about the saner half of my life, and interested in cool stuff like origami, visit her site Sarah's Origami . She's as good or better at origami than i am at drawing - what do you thinks she does all the time while i draw? :P

And finally... the bench strip. What can I say? We are not even worthy of the Fan Appreciation Bat. Tycho and Gabe totally kick ass (like i need to tell you guys this) and if anyone remembers, it was Tycho that linked us in the first place over two months ago (and hence added this whole layer of work to my life) When that happened, largo and i felt we had no choice but to finally launch MT and get off our lazy asses. So, in many ways, you can thank Penny Arcade for getting us rolling. Thanks guys. And sorry about the Wombat incident. :)

< Largo >

you're already here.

"das links"

Sunday - October 15, 2000

[Largo] - 13:00:00 - [link here]

First off, for those seeking to find some anime and J-pop tunes in a online streaming type radio-free format, click here. Tiberian wrote in to point me to this site, which is cool if you are left handed, and find joysticks to be a bit hard to wield. Shawn Nicolen got inspired and decided to make an English to l33t-speak converter… ph33r. Jonathen Barel wrote in to tell me that the fittingly angelic voice of Aria from LucasArts's Afterlife was played by Rebecca Arthur.. now all I need is a 8x10 glossy… Tomo Sato wrote in to correct a grievous error on my part, the original manga in which Onizuka appeared (as a teenager) was titled "Shonan Jun Ai Gumi" … so .. I stand corrupted.Beta's Strange Four made not one, but two cool bits of MT gift art here and here.A very much on crack Jack Friedman wrote in to point me to a cool comic which he just so happens to be responsible for creating… Normally I'd just link here, but he forgot to send me the url to his site, this forced to be go over to Big Panda where I was finally able to locate his allusive … secret website, having braved many dangers to return with this link, I present it to you, here.

I think it's safe to say I am in worship of Neverwinter Nights, so I won't give anymore plugs to it for a bit.. well maybe just this one.. However of all the MMORPGs out there, I think I haven't really spotlighted some that deserve that second look, today I got a chance to spend some good 'me' time over at Atriarch, another of the growing batch of 2nd generation MMORPGs that will for lack of a better and less overused phrase, '0wnz j00' … Go there.. right now… I mean it! I've been personally assured that Atriarch wants to make sure customers come first... which seems like such a great idea, I wish everyone would think that way. Imagine it, customers - the very people who use your service... being... listened... to.... For this noble act, I will not link them one, but twice, so if you haven't already go visit Atriarch's site right now.

For those of you interested, I am once again a member of the working class… Of course, now I have a job again… I miss being unemployed… So much quality time I had got to spend with my Dreamcast… So many hours melted away by simply watching Claire Redfield kill the bad zombies.


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