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< Seraphim >

not a kid's show!

"This ain't no kids show"

Thursday - October 19, 2000

[Seraphim] - 01:23:00 - [link here]

Despite all the get well wishes, Piro has not yet recovered. He has spiked a fever and is even less coherent than usual. Right now he is medicated and prohibited from using heavy equipment or anything that glows. As his ever lovin' girl, it is my duty to fill in for him. Since I can't draw to save my life, I am developing origami Piro and Largo models should his delirium not improve. Heaven forbid Largo should attempt to try to draw. The strip must go on.

We have known each other 4 1/2 years now. I have introduced Piro to many things in my world, including George Bernard Shaw, Damon Runyon, and Great Big Sea (the only band that could have the words "blow me" in the lyrics and not get an explicit rating). In return he has taught me all I know about computers, encouraged me to try and even enjoy sushi, and brought a small amount of anime into my life. I normally just watch the subtitled stuff he has, like St. Tail or Card Captor Sakura (I love Kero-chan! I have a kero-chan plushie that he gave me.) Sadly, Piro finds my relative ignorance of japanese too annoying to watch anything else with me.

Just for fun, and perhaps because he was too drugged up to stop me, I had Piro pull a untranslated tape from his massive collection for me to watch. I decided that I would watch an episode and explain the show from the point of view of a casual fan. Be forewarned, my knowledge of Japanese is limited to 'hello' and 'goodbye'. The show that randomly slid off the shelf when piro fell into it was something called "Kero Kero Chime". Hm. I wonder what this could be about.

The Characters: Ok, we have a Frog-Princess who lives in the most phallic building I have ever seen. Her wardrobe is unremarkable - looks like a toga to me - but I need those sassy, strappy sandals she wears. There is a Wizard who struts around in a 70's pimp coat. Perhaps the 'castle' is actually a brothel?

There is a Boy that turns into a frog when wet. He is somewhat unimpressive as he appears to be afraid of the frogs even when he's human and much much bigger than they are. The Frogs themselves are these really scary little bug-eyed blobs. The frogs that wear helmets and carry spears are quite phallic looking.

Ok, now for the plot. Not 1 minute into the opening scene the Frog Princess dives *nude* out of her castle window and lands feet first on the boy character. Still very nude, She then jumps all around the boy character. Leaves are carefully placed so that we don't actually see anything, but it is clear that HE does.

This is obviously NOT a children's show. I believe the story line is a rip off of classic old Greek mythology where the sirens lured unsuspecting sailors to their deaths on the rocks with their songs. Frog Princess, obviously, lures men to her Phallic Palace while chirping 'kero kero' and then has the frog army kill them. It's a story as old as time, really.

Figures that I would grab something adult oriented from the shelf. Remind me to bean him when he gets better.

< Largo >

you're already here.

"back on track"

Thursday - October 19, 2000

[Largo] - 20:50:00 - [link here]

Nick of the Bad Boys of Computer Science made this very sweet giftart for us, did I mention that it was very sweet? It rocks man, thanks for sending it to us. It's really cool when we get these things, they are all great and we appreciate the time, effort, and thought that goes into them.

Mike Quin wrote in to point out that an Anna Miller's fan site linked us… So I figure I'll do the same… again... click here to see cute waitresses in even more cute outfits.

On the other cool webcomics you should read front, I submit to you, Lethal Doses - which if you don't read, then it means there is something wrong with you. Also checkout Sporkman and on a more somber note, Josh Babes the comic is ending tomorrow, and so I thought I'd direct people over there to read the comic from beginning to end and pay it tribute. Since life is full of endings and new beginnings, heres a webcomic that will begin on Friday October 20th, called Luminosity.

I went by my local gaming crack dealer to score a few ounces of silicon action, but to my dismay there was nothing new being offered… I really hate it when this happens… We're currently in the middle of one of those gaming slumps when nobody releases anything sweet for me to play.

I demand to be entertained… I deserve it right? I mean, if I can't drink booze and play games… I'd be forced to just drink booze… which, doesn't sound like that bad an idea now I mention it…


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