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Friday - August 2, 2002

[Piro] - 10:42:02 - [link here]

The official press release is here. you can skip the rant and just read the press release here if you like :)

You'd think a week where i barely was able to finish one comic (its still not done - it's a good one, its just not finished yet) that i'd be relaxed, recovered from the Otakon trip, refreshed and relatively stress-free.

ha. this is me we're talking about here.

I started working on a Otakon 2002 wrap-up, but it's still not done (dom's quick wrap-up is amazingly succinct (yes he did get slapped once) and it covers some salient points. First off, panel 1 was a disaster. Panel 2 was much better. fans seemed to enjoy both, which is all that *really* counts. I'm still overwhelmed with gratitude for all the friends, associates, and Otakon crew who spent so much of their time at the con helping me out. I'm not really sure how to thank all of you. I'll try in my Otakon wrap-up.

To, the sheer number of fans who spent a lot of THIER con waiting in line for MT events - not having any comics done this week is NO way to repay you all for your patience and, well, stamina for waiting for stuff. I really tried to do my best to get to everyone - to those of you who i was unable to meet or talk to, i'm very sorry. Nothing sucks worse than standing in line for an hour and not then not being able to either get in or meet the person you are waiting to see. I think the DeadPass idea worked pretty good, i'll have to make sure we do that again next time too (either that or we have a room that really is big enough).

That and i really have to work on the 'uhm' thing between thoughts. Sorry 'bout that. ^^;;;

Oh, and the art auction. To the fellow who cast the winning bid of $1,750... you're nuts, dude. :P I still can't fathom any drawing of mine being worth that much, i figured that it'd bring in a few hundred dollars (mainly because of the server fund thing) I swear i am suffering a bit of a guilt trip over this. ^^;; Honestly tho, i have to say, I personally liked the piece, i felt it was a good drawing, and, well, dude, you looked really happy to have it, and that's what matters. Thank you very much, your excessive generocity has lead directly to the following announcement.

On tuesday i ordered a new server. I don't have the exact specs on hand, but it has 2 gigs of DDR Ram, dual 1600 AMD processors, a nice shiny case, and it should at least be able to handle Megatokyo and it's forums for... a few months of growth at least. ^^;;; With any luck Megatokyo will be moved over to the new box by next weekend.

I have several other announcements too. Some are the culmination of months and months of work in the background - dead piro days don't just happen because i am tired, they usually have to do with me being overwhelmed with other projects in the background.

First announcement has to do with the Megatokyo store. As i announced during the 2nd panel at Otakon, Megatokyo has partnered with Think Geek to open a new store sometime in the next few weeks. I'm very excited to be working with them, because they are a great online retailer that offers high quality stuff with attitude. :) They are great people, they make good stuff, and i am very happy with the new shirt designs (i have introduced new shirts and refreshed old favorites) and yes, most of them are either on black shirts, or other, specific colors. More information on the new store when we are ready to launch.

Oh, and how much time did all that require to set in motion? A lot more than you folks might realize ^_^

Announcement number two is also a big one. The 2nd biggest request i get has always been for black t-shirts. Got that covered. The number 1 request i get is 'is megatokyo available in print'.

The answer to this is now "come this december, yes". Don't say i never listen to fan requests. :)

Yesterday i reached an agreement with Studio Ironcat, publishers of the Vampire Princess Miyu, Yui and Dahlia series, to publish the first and subsequent collection volumes of Megatokyo. The official press release is here. Press releases always sound so damn silly, it's almost like they exist in this land of marketing and hype lingo where you have to say all sorts of really glowing things (my friend patchmonkey, who is my de-facto marketing guy wouldn't let me write it :P) but the truth is, i'm very excited about this because the IronCat folks are hyped and willing to work with me to help produce these volumes the way *I* want to make them. Megatokyo in print is a big deal, and i am going to work very hard to make sure that volume one, which will contain all of chapter 0 in its entirety along with a lot of extra material, is well worth buying.

I have a lot more i can say, but i think that should be enough for today. ^^;; It's all very exciting stuff, and as you can see, things here at MT just, well, keep getting more interesting. :P All this was actually more work than it would take to do 3 comics in a week, so i hope you guys at least understand why the delays. :)

Oh, and then there is that deadline at work on monday. Gonna have to put some time in the weekend to hit that... (sigh)

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you're already here.

"InovaPC Magazine"

Friday - August 9, 2002

[Largo] - 13:22:00 - [link here]

Initializing Largo version 4.2

So just where have I been? This rant may help explain the emails and posts around the net which ask that very question, and perhaps other important questions like – why the grass is green, why the ocean is blue, and why the yellow face burns – making us stay in our dank caves guarding our precious.

Alright, maybe this writing will not be able to cover all those, but here’s the proverbial smack which I intend to lay down on you.

For the past few months I have been working with a new startup print magazine called InovaPC. The Magazine will focus on such sweet things as computer hardware modifications, over clocking, water cooling, case mods, and other ways to make your system run faster, stronger, colder, and glow brighter then the Las Vegas strip.

The Magazine just recently launched this last week, and is offering in its infinite kindness a free trial issue for anyone who wishes to sample the sweet fruits of delicious InovaPC goodness.

The following is the l33t Press Release:


InovaPC Inc. Introduces Its New Publication InovaPC Magazine

ONTARIO, CA (August 3, 2002) - InovaPC Inc. today announced the release of InovaPC magazine, a premier publication delivering ground breaking content for the computer enthusiast.

InovaPC Magazine

As the first publication to focus heavily on PC modification, InovaPC magazine offers a unique blend of content, feeding an untapped market that has grown vastly in popularity over recent years. InovaPC also provides an exclusive set of technology based content, with in-depth articles focusing on high-end PC technologies and their functionality. Taking a step above the competition, InovaPC not only provides product reviews and recommendations, but also educates the consumer with technology specific articles, allowing readers to make more informed decisions in their product purchases.

InovaPC Online

InovaPC would also like to introduce InovaPC Online. This developing resource will allow readers to subscribe and manage their subscriptions, review previous issues and keep current with the latest online exclusive content. InovaPC Online also aims to provide a news portal containing select industry related news articles of current interest, with an editorial twist. InovaPC Online can be found at

InovaPC Announces Free Trial Issue Offer

InovaPC is proud to introduce their free trial issue. Subscriptions are available at to those interested in receiving their first trial issue of InovaPC, free of charge and without obligation. Readers will be able to upgrade their free single issue subscriptions to one year and two year subscriptions in late Q3, 2002. This offer is limited to one issue per household, and is available to both US and Canadian readers

InovaPC Corporation

Based out of Ontario CA, InovaPC Corporation was built from the ground up to construct and deliver InovaPC magazine. Through strategic partnerships, and a focused and talented staff, InovaPC managed to achieve its goals in record time. Its first publication of InovaPC magazine will be released in both US and Canadian markets, and is expected to hit store shelves in early Q4, 2002.

© InovaPC Corporation 2002. All rights reserved.

Media Contacts

For media contact information, please mail:

End l33t Press Release

I would ask everyone go and grab the free sample issue, and then go subscribe if they like it.

However, since this magazine is Largo's only job right now, I can’t deny I have a personal interest in it’s success.

So, in the traditional of Largo shameless merchandising and marketing, I ask you all to subscribe to this magazine, not because it's jam packed with sweet news, reviews, and mods… not because it's going to have a sweet new comic written by yours truly… Not because I am one of the writers for the magazine and thus plan to have a section devoted to all things I find otherwise neat and or cool... and not even because it is going to completely rock in every sense of the word - unlike all the other water downed PC magazines on the market...

No... I ask you all to subscribe to this paper bound sweet magazine, so that I can continue to be employed and have much needed beer funds in my checking account.


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