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"what now?"

Friday - August 18, 2000

[Piro] - 13:15:00 - [link here]

I'm sitting here at the office doing what i usually do every Friday - too burned out to do anything useful, recapping what has happened this week, and trying hard not to freak about what i need to do next week. Being 'Penny-Arcaded', as largo so aptly put it, certainly made us jump this week, but perhaps it was the kick start that was needed to really get off the ground. Of course, this is just what i need right now - more deadlines. :) Of course, things can always be worse.

ok, enough griping. I do that a lot.

It looks like the 3rd installment of one of my favorite dating/love sim games 'True Love Story 3' will be commin out sometime in early 2001. In what seems to me a particularly evil bent, the game doesn't just span a single month of high school, but an entire year of junior high. Gyah. Now I have a whole year to fuck up relationships with the 12 or so girls who populate the game. joy. ^^;; And to do this, the next game will be in DVD format and will require me to purchase a PS2. Drat. Finally, a reason to buy that stupid thing (sigh)

TLS is such a great game. Conversations are such that you dynamically select topics and things to talk about - choose some thing wrong and it's 'see ya looser!' and she finds an excuse to walk home a different way. ^_^. Now, the character designs for True Love Stories might not be the cutest around - in fact, they are sort of an acquired taste (yea, some people say they suck), but they grow on you. Right now, I am balking at the screen shot over on Magic Box...

I have two disks sitting here from Hibikino Watcher that I need to install. Wai! finally, i can have my favorite gal Miyuki call out 'piro-kun' in her own voice via the Emotional Voice System... now i just need some time to play Tokimeki Memorial 2 again...

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"I'm working on it"

Friday - August 18, 2000

[Largo] - 09:45:21 - [link here]

First off, don't listen to Piro, nobody else does...
I've been scrambling to get the site up this week, Needless to say I was caught off guard this wednesday. Nothing like experiencing what I shall from now on refer to as being "Penny-Arcaded", The site was not nearly ready for massive public viewing, not that I'm complaining about the responce we got, which was very postive! I shall simply blame Tycho for exposing my lack of webskillz to the world :) ... Ah Tycho Brahe - I owe you a bottle of Bombay Saphire, but after we drink it, I plan to hit you on the head with the empty bottle(heh).

I've got more of the PHP backbone into the site, by now you'll notice that the archives pull in our older rants. I've still got the get the forward/back buttons in, should happen in the next week provided Tycho Brahe sends me some of his extremely delicious PHP source thats used over at the Penny-Arcade

Lesse, I was floored when I saw we got a email from Kenneth Lee - the Producer of Planescape Torment, who wrote in to say 'hi' to us, I must say this guy is cool!, but that goes without saying considering my worship of PS:T. Although if I get any email from Icewind Dale's Producer I don't think it will be as friendly as Kenneth's email. I will now take this moment to remind everyone that opinions expressed by Largo do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone important.

In other news, I recently started playing Seaman, I'm just going to say this game is just weird. I am still freaked out from when I tried to tickle my new virtual pet seaman and it proclaimed "BAD TOUCH!" at me. I have a feeling the virtual child seaman services may be paying me a visit any moment now.

Last butnot least I wanted to say 'thankyou' to everyone who's wrote in, its been a lot of fun to see people have a positive reaction to the site, which is certainly better then everyone having a poisonious reaction.


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