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Friday - October 11, 2002

[Piro] - 11:00:04 - [link here]

boy, do i feel dumb.

If you've been wondering why the status bar hasn't been showing what you could call 'current' information, it might have something to do with the fact that i keep updating the status file on the wrong server. ^^;;

This week we finally migrated the main www site from Entropy (our poor old abused and worn out buggy server) over to Makoto (our brand new hope-it-can-handle-it-all server). For most of you, this is pretty transparent. For me, it involves logging into different servers for stuff, and i keep forgetting to check where i'm logging into sometimes. Hence, the old server was getting the updates, but no one could see them.

BTW, the same goes for Fredart - you may notice that the most recent sketch is missing - thats because i had updated the site between the time the directory for fredart was copied over and when the site finally went live. Still need to fix that.

Next week is crunch week on the book for me. I sat down the other night and did a pretty detailed to-do list of things that need doing - and its ugly. ^^;; Part of it, of course, is that this is the first Megatokyo graphic novel i've done - there is always a learning curve, and in particular for any webcomic - all the stuff you did wrong two years ago that you really need to fix. ^^;; What makes the MT books a little more work than i think most Graphic Novels is that I was stupid enough to want this to be a little more than just a collection of stuff thats already done - for the price, i think people would be fairly satisfied with that, but not me. I really want there to be a lot of decent extra material to round out the book. This, of course, only makes *my* life difficult.

And, of course, the fact that my deadline moved up a few weeks just really makes me feel oh so happy. yay. shoot me now.

There always comes a time in any project when you just gotta shut up and finish the tasks that need doing. That's my goal over the next 6 days. If this book isnt 90% complete by Thursday next week, i think i'll get REALLY whiny and bitchy - and you know you dont want that :P

I'm thinking that i might put the story comics on hold till the following Monday, and use the three comic slots next week to give you a peak into the material that i'm putting together for the book, and talk a little about the process. I just feel that its better to concentrate on one thing at a time. Get the book done and out, then just get back to doing the comic. I've been trying to do both recently, and neither the comic or the book prep has been going smoothly.

And no, don't worry, i don't plan on subjecting you to a week of Shirt Guy Dom strips. That'd be too cruel, too cruel. Though wait a minute... that's it!! If i'm not 90% done by Thursday next week, i'll just switch to "Doodlin' Dom, All Week Long!" until i hit that 90% goal.

I KNOW you don't want that. I better get crackin. Wish me luck.

PS: i want to extend a big help to everyone who is helping me with the book process and all the work it entails. Seraphim, Dom, Merekat, Gally, Kei, Asmodeus and everyone else who i have forgot to add. Also a big thanks to Ukyo and Cortana for all the hard work on the server stuff. thanks for puttin up with me.

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Oop ack!

"A heads-up"

Tuesday - October 8, 2002

[Dom] - 11:00:00 - [link here]

I had nothing to do with this one. Honestly. This is all Fred.

More rantage later, I'm tired and busy trying to catch coelecanth in Animal Crossing.


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