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Friday - November 10, 2000

[Piro] - 12:22:00 - [link here]

Well, as you can see, we now welcome Seraphim to the Megatokyo world. Seraphim, of course, is the MT persona of my girlfriend Sarah - anything good about my rather pathetic wit was developed under her tutelage, so it only seemed fit that she have some part in the comic. On Wednesday, one of sarah's childhood cats passed away, and I just wanted to pay tribute to poor little Bullet (who we usually called "Bullito"). Yesterday was a sad day. Loosing a pet is like loosing a family member and a good friend. Last year my childhood cat Jake passed away and it took me a long time to get over it, it's always very sad stuff.

One unfortunate facts (or is it an appealing feature?) of webcomics is that there is a tendency for the real people in your lives to sneak into the comics. Greg over at Real Life makes no bones about it. "Wanna be a character? sure!" :P We at MT borrow, steal, tweak, adjust, twist and totally change bits and pieces of the people around us however we see fit. The lines between our characters and ourselves is rather blurred. Piro is me but its not me. Largo is ... er, lets not go there. Tsubasa occasionally 'diets' for weeks at a time to support his TLS habit. Dom and Ed are evil IRC bots, i think... Well, all writers do this - we are just a little more blatant about it. Neither Kimiko or Erika are really anything like Sarah (if anything, she's a little of both) but when she commented to me "y'know, maybe i could be your little conscience, sitting on your shoulder with little wings" - bingo. The development sketch for Seraphim is a little 1" x 2" post-it note attached to my work computer. :)

The other thing about online comics is that they can't help but reflect bits and pieces of your real life. The comic itself has a life of its own - it reacts to things in my life, largo's life, and the forums too. Beyond this, there is the online comic community itself - and the extended communities for both gamers and anime fans. It all has it's effects. You all may have noticed, but there's never a dull moment in my life. I could use a few, really.

One aspect of that growth is the art itself. Up till now, I've been drawing the strips, then tracing them before scanning - it was a cleaners look and helped cover up scribbles and mistakes that i made in the drawings. Recently, tho, I've been getting comfortable enough with drawing these guys that I've just sat down and... well, drew the frames. both Wed and Fri's strip were drawn flat out, without any tracing or transfer. To me, this is better - not only because it's faster, but because you always loose something in the transfer. We'll see how this works - it lets me add more detail and, well, lets me get more sleep (supposedly)

oh, the screenshot? ^_^ heheh. nothing... kawaii, ne?

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Arrr! GuyBrush Threepwood!

"monkey business"

Sunday - November 12, 2000

[Largo] - 23:59:59 - [link here]

I spent the weekend with Escape from Monkey Island, and all I got was this stupid monkey head.

LucasArts, thou hast redeemed thy self! After a long dark period of releasing titles that should have gone direct to the bargain bin at your local dollar store, Lucas's ranch boys have finally returned to their prestigious roots and managed not to kill them. Monkey Island 4 is great, awesome, and spectacular! It's everything the past games have been, only better.

The first and second Monkey Island games were done in the old low-resolution 2D style that we now only see in our dreams, childhood memories, or a Gameboy. They were fun, they were witty, and they were classics. A few years ago we were reintroduced to the Monkey Island series by MI3, which was a animated game using pre-drawn scenes. Now we've moved further along in the technology tree of gaming and have the 4th installment of Monkey Island, which uses a beautiful 3D engine and retains the original charm by being fully loaded with sarcastic comebacks and bad puns.

I really can't give a fair review of this game as I'm biased. I've been a Monkey Island fan for as long as I can remember, so to me, this game upholds the spirit of the Monkey Island franchise, which may possibly be the only franchise LucasArts has yet to taint by the foul stench of mediocrity. I think the developers of Escape from Monkey Island deserve a round of applause.

The developers successfully managed to bring up an older franchise to a modern 3D engine, and still keep the very essence of the game in tact. This is what it takes for a older game to be re-made and updated, this is what it takes to bring a classic back into the fray! This is what game designers need to do more often!

Initializing Link Engine.

Today I'm sending you to another online comic that I like to read. Adventuerers details the chronicles of two people who not only look like they popped out of a Squaresoft game, but somehow also cause you to start humming Final Fantasy battle music as you read each strip.

Finally, I've found a great new gaming website called Christian Spotlights. Basically these guys rate games on their violence, adult content, and an overall Christian Rating. Now all you have to do to find the coolest games out there is go to this site, and get the games that recieve their worst rantings. This will insure that you always pick the titles that will give you some good old-fashioned devil worshipping fun that satisfies our evil demonic desires for sex and violence!

"I'm going to hell for that bit, and you're all coming with me!"


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