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Monday - August 21, 2000

[Piro] - 07:39:00 - [link here]

And so I end up listening to largo's endless obsession with certain employment desires which for some reason always seem tohave something to do with a game that he is nuts over. I suppose I can understand the obsession - I mean, it's so much funto *play* the game, it must be even better to help make it! To look at a game and say, "see the drool on that monster? I did the algorithm for that!"

Frankly, even designing acidic monster drool would be a lot more work that the average gamer would think - except perhaps for those who have realized thier own modifications to popular games. A while back I used to be pretty proficient at Quake 2- and in fact, i threw together a few levels using a map editor - it was kinda fun. But there was something lacking for me. There was nothing truely original, something that truely stood out, in doing a level map with pre-existing components. What I *really* wanted, and to this day haven't made yet, is to make a quake character (or half life, or whatever FPS game) of a cute girl who calmly goes about wasting these ugly, frightening, standard characters that come in these games. For instance, my design for RuriQuake would be so much funto trot around with.

And for me, THAT'S what *I* would like to do - if I were to work for some gaming company, I'd try to install a little cute factor - something that is really missing from these games. Think you are sooooo tough, bad mofo lookin space marine or whatever - imagine the look on your face when Ruri pops you. :)

More later. Right now I'm tired, and i have a slew of meetings to attend todays. Gosh, dontya just love mondays?

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mmmm neverwinter nights....

"i'm a rpg fan, sue me."

Monday - August 21, 2000

[Largo] - 01:15:00 - [link here]

Woohoo, one week and still here, who'd have guessed? For a special treat, today isBioware Day! Although, if I had my way, everyday would be 'Bioware Day', or at least'Give all your money to Largo Day'.

Lately I've developed a obsession with all things Canadian, I suspect this is due to the long wait ahead forNeverwinter Nights. I've been having these dreams about maple leaves and this magical land known as Edmonton, with all its pink hair'd rollerblading girls. I spend a sweet amount of time on the NWN message boards in search of new info on this coveted game, all I can say is NWN is really going to be unique. After see'ing Bioware's E3 presentation, I think its safe to say the game will totally rock in new and exciting ways, and all fears of it being 'over-hyped' should be put to rest. In fact, I proclaim anyone caught saying the game is'over-hyped' should be dragged into the street and bludgeon'd to death with dead chickens.

This weekend I went ahead and pre-ordered Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn - Collectors Edition This game looks very sweet, and I'm eager to pickup where BGI left off. Like most people, Baldur's Gate is the game that put Bioware in my little blackbook, where it shall stay all warm and cozy while I continue to drool overtheir work.

Now, all I have to do sit back and wait for my BGII to arrive while chanting... "Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes -- RASSSSK!"


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