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< Piro >

sumisen, kono kimiko misenai...


Thursday - November 16, 2000

[Piro] - 16:32:00 - [link here]

Well, yesterday was my birthday. Birthdays are fun, relaxing events (usually). I suppose what makes me REALLY sad is the fact that i relate my birthday with that of two well known anime characters. As many of you may know November 15th is the Kasuga Kyosuke and Hiyama Hikaru's birthday. In fact, Kyosuke and I are exactly one year apart (I'd be a year older).

"Kyosuke who? Hikaru what? Who are they?"

(sigh) I know that's what some of you are thinking. Hey, if you are new to anime, and don't know a lot about it - that's fine, i can understand that. But it's the rest of you anime fans - you know who you are - the ones who've never watch Kimagure Orange Road... SHAME ON YOU!!!

In the past, there were certain classics that EVERY anime fan had seen. We all suffered thru really bad 15th gen Arctic Anime fansubs of Kimagure Orange Road, complete with 'amiga sucks!' messages and bad grammar. We've watched all 96 episodes of Maison Ikkoku without a single break. Laughed our asses off as KO Seki Beast Warriors... but these days, there are people creating digital fansubs of Love Hina and Gatekeepers who haven't even sat thru bad dubs of Ranma 1/2 - people who never suffered thru 20 episodes of some crappy anime they hated just to see a half hour fansub of Marmalade Boy.

(sigh) ... what happened to rights of passage?

One of the problems with anime, manga and gaming is that there is ALWAYS something new and exciting. The biggest shame to me was that sometimes a really good show would be forgotten after just a few months. Anyone remember Sakurai Tomo in 'Gambaristo Shun'? Drooling over Katsura-san in 'YAT Anshin'? It's so easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest that nowadays even the old classics are being jumped over.

Don't be afraid to jump back and look at some of the older stuff. There are real gems there, and even some of the fluff (*cough* Battle Skippers *cough*) is worth a watch or two. And for god's sake, go rent or buy the Kimagure Orange Road OAV's. 'I was a cat, I was a fish' and 'message in rouge' is required watching for reading Megatokyo.

Got that? Good. ^_^

< Largo >

you're already here.

"my poor fone"

Thursday - November 16, 2000

[Largo] - 10:52:00 - [link here]

First up, Hot Soup of the mouth wateringly good Lethal Doses has posted a episode that features what happens when you get three comic writers on the phone at the same time, and add gin.

This week I ran across two more online comics that rock, first up is The Other Comic. TOC comes from a genre that would make Shirt Guy Tom proud. Next up is a new creation called Otaku Feh! by Dave Kelly, the author of Living in Greytown. Lastly for a bit of local humor, someone has went and made a online comic about the Dallas Stars hockey team. I can honestly say this is the best manga style comic strip about the Dallas Stars.

Recently a tragedy befell one of my precious technological toys. My new Samsung 8500 mobile phone was run over by car obviously in league with the forces of evil. Sure it didn't help that I left my phone on top my car and drove off with it up there, but like that matters? Other drivers should know to steer clear of my mobile phones, in a three year span I've lost two phones this way, if I lose another I'll demand a law be passed that protects my phones from careless motorists who are obviously out to run over phones that have fallen onto the road.

Since I love plugging my pet projects, I thought I'd mention that ALFA is now accepting DM applications once again. So if you are interested in creating a persistent world using the Neverwinter Nights product when it is released, go over and submit an application. Better yet, donate a server, or two, or three.

While I'm abusing my rant for self-promotion, I thought I'd point out that if you want your Speak l33t shirt to arrive before xmas, then you need get your order into our store before December 12th.

Finally, I've been getting a lot of email about my progress in Monkey Island 4. I should note that I've beaten it, yes the ending was cool, and if you didn't like the ending, then you can send me a email saying how much you hated it, and I'll get your email, print it out, and file it under, 'fire', then in a year I'll take out that file, go behind my home, and burn it.

"The bullet of justice will always demolish evil. Remember that."


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