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"local libraries"

Monday - July 28, 2003

[Piro] - 15:12:03 - [link here]

There was a post on slashdot recently called How Do You Get Work Done? I have to say, I not only feel for the guy, but I totally understand. It's amazing how much you can get done when you have no time to do it, but when you have loads of time, you can't seem to find the focus you need to get anything done. Maybe that's why I like overloading myself - if I didn't, nothing would ever get done. The self imposed three-comic per week deadline is like a big gear that smacks me in the ass three times per week to keep me going. Remember that classic Calvin and Hobbes strip, the one that talks about waiting for the right mood to start working on his project? I live by that mantra.

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at San Diego Comic Con and helped make our visit to the show a rather exhausting success. I was unable to see much beyond the location of our booth, the walk to and from the hotel, and a few food places in the Gaslight district. I wanted to take Seraphim to the zoo, but (sigh) there was no time. But it's like I told a friend in the middle of one particularly harried day - there's nothing I'd rather be doing. Masochism has a weird kind of mechanics to it.

Also, a big thanks to the SDCC folks who helped out, especially the security folks - according to the rules, they are supposed to make me stop doing the things that cause lines/crowds, but they didn't. In stead, they helped manage the line and kept the line under control. Thanks guys. Sorry we were such a pain. Oh, and I've been assured that if I come to ComicCon next year, they'll give me a bigger room for the panel. We squeezed 100 people in there, but unfortunately most people couldn't get in. They DID try to get a bigger room, but there was nothing available.

I also need to put out a big thanks to Greg Dean, Liz and their friends for all the help. I was glad to see lots of people wading thru to talk to Greg and Liz - in fact, the very first fan to stop by the booth was a Real Life fan. :)

I really should write more comprehensive reviews of what happens at cons, but so MUCH happens, that it's hard to remember it all, and my rants tend to be long enough ^^;; Onto other things... my summer isn't over yet.

Coming up real soon - in fact, this week, I will be giving a presentation at the Ypsilanti District Library on the history of Anime and Manga, and a little bit about how I use (and don't use) what I've learned about it in what I do. The presentation is at 6:00 pm wednesday night (July 30th) in the main library over on Whittaker Road in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Stop by if you are in the area, I intend for it to be pretty casual. Just doin my part to support a local library (and check the building out too, it's a really nice facility)

Next on the travel agenda is Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland from August 7-10 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Otakon is one of the biggest anime conventions in the country, and each year I go, I get a little more scared. ^^;; This will be the 2nd and final showing this year of the 'Naze Nani Megatokyo 2.0' show where we break out of the boring old box of plain old question and answer panels and try to make bigger fools of ourselves than we usually do. We have the main programming hall available to us, so filling it to capacity will be a big challenge for MT fans. Like I said, Megatokyo cosplay is encouraged. In fact, the more the better - we might be able to make a easier getaway if no one can spot us in the crowd. We have some special guests lined up (though they may not know it yet). Should be fun (if I can get everything prepared by then @_0).

A few weeks after Otakon I'll be heading off to the great white north and visit our Canadian neighbors in Toronto for the Canadian National Anime Expo. I'll have more info on that as we get closer to it.

Ok, that'll do for now. One thing I will do before I head off to Otakon, and I've been pushing it off for weeks, is start giving little reviews and snippets on anime I am following - most particularly DVDs of note that are being released here in the US. I have a list of 'DVDs I must make every MT fan buy because I say so' :P More on that thursday. :)

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Sarah's origami

"San Diego Recollections"

Wednesday - July 30, 2003

[Seraphim] - 01:55:00 - [link here]

I can't believe how big, crazy, and hectic San Diego Comic-Con was. It engulfed the entire convention center. We know this because we were at the butt end of it. The booth was very close to the doors and far away from the side of the room with the nasty con food so it wasn't so bad.

Amazingly, for the panel we possibly got the tiniest room in the entire building. It only seated 100 - several hundred showed up and most were turned away. Piro was just happy to have been scheduled a panel his first year exhibiting. I was a mess on Sunday and I'm just glad there were fewer people to see me. I had cut the top of my foot on the front seat while getting out of the taxi Sunday and wasn't feeling so well. The paramedic at the first aid center immediately asked when my last tetanus shot had been. I had been thinking the same thing. Being a vintage 70s cab, what kind of rusty metal spring was under there? Knowing that Piro would cancel the panel if I needed to go to a clinic for a tetanus shot - I lied to the EMS and told him I had one in the last five years. What's a little lock jaw? Besides it bled a lot and the gets all the germs out right? It's a week later and I am still yapping so I must be all right.

Although I was out of it at the time, I do remember Piro stating at the panel that the two of us are reclusive. What!? How did I let him get away with saying that? Piro is a J. D. Salinger wannabe and I'm Greta Garbo. I don't think so. Well, at least not me. I still have my internship and school. I'm out and about meeting and greeting people all the time. Piro is the recluse. But I come home everyday and tell him what the real world is like on the outside. I will admit to us being committed homebodies who like to eat in and watch anime - when we have time.

There was also a question regarding new merchandise. I am fighting to get a new ladies tee. The style currently at ThinkGeek won't hold the complicated images Piro likes to produce due to the heavy ribbed fabric. I also want GLITTER. I must have it. I try to keep an eye out for our female fans. Our booth with Real Life had a large backdrop with all the posters and shirts on it and it was a sea of Piroko. It was Piroko on posters and tees of Capture the B34R, Ph34r teh cute ones, and Pirogoeth. All I can say is even I hope Piro comes up with a new character design.

I'd talk more about the con but all I got to see was a life size graphic of Legolas at the LOTR Pavillion. Ahhh, Legolas. I also caught a glimpse of a booth with Lenore but that is about it. Mostly I just saw fans. Lots of them. But that is exhibiting as opposed to being a guest. It's different from an anime con where we don't even leave the hotel for 4 days. We had to get ourselves across town everyday and San Diego is very pleasant. I just wish we could have seen the Cat's House while we were there. Now, that's my type of decorating.


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