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"otakon, take three..."

Sunday - August 3, 2003

[Piro] - 11:30:00 - [link here]

Otakon 2003 information

u p d a t e ! ! !
Please note change in time for Naze Nani Megatokyo Panel on Saturday!!!

Otakon 2003 is coming! Starting this Thursday, August 8th thru Sunday, August 10th, most of the MT crew will be in Baltimore for our third year at one of the largest Anime conventions in the US. Please check this box for any changes/updates in information regarding our activities at Otakon this year.

I'm going to try something a little different this year... I've actually sat down and planned out a schedule that includes when and where i will be sitting down to draw/sign stuff for people. The good folks at Wizzywig have given us a section of their boothspace in the dealers room for us to call home, so look for us there. If we aren't there, this will be where you can find out when and where we will be. Also, Wizzywigs will have a lot of MT swag to waste money on, if you feel like wasting money. :P


- Friday -

12noon-1:30pm - signing/drawing at Wizzywig booth
2:00pm-3:30pm - Opening Ceremonies (Main Events)
4:00pm-5:30pm - Official Autograph Session (Autograph 1)
7:00pm-8:30pm - Webcomics vs. Webmanga (Panel 1)

- Saturday -

1:00pm-3:00pm - Naze Nani Megatokyo 2.0 (Panel 4)
3:30pm-6:00pm - signing/drawing at Wizzywig booth

- Sunday -

10:00am-2:00pm - signing/drawing at Wizzywig booth

Bold indicates official Megatokyo events. Times relating to when i will be at my table at the Wizzywig booth are subject to change.

Shameless plug: make sure you stop by and visit the Nekobox booth or Natsuki will cry. :) It's booth #1108. The Nekobox crew have been a great help to us at MT at recent cons, so be sure to stop by and check out their stuff :P

< Dom >

Boo 50/50 guesses!


Friday - August 1, 2003

[Dom] - 00:30:00 - [link here]

So I have a few new games in the house. Knights of the Old Republic is waiting for me, calling my name, especially since I've heard that HK-47 rivals Minsc and Morte for Best NPC Ever. I recently borrowed the PS2 Sakura Taisen remake from a friend, which marks the first time I've gone back to the Sakura Taisen franchise in two years. Soul Calibur 2 sits in my roommate's GameCube, awaiting my purchase of an arcade stick so I can avoid the freakishly unwieldy GameCube controller. Heck, if I wanted I can go back and finally finish Shining Force 3 part 2, which I bought two years ago and have barely touched, even though I love the franchise.

And on the PC front, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne awaits, with the members of my clan ($uck Ass, you may have heard of them) getting more impatient for my return to Warcraft after almost a year of being away from the game. And hell, Magic Online just updated to 2.0 and added 8th edition, so I'm not suffering from a shortage of games to play.

And yet, with all these games going "Hey! Play me!", what do I fire up? Minesweeper. I don't get it. Every few minutes I have free, I play Minesweeper. I can't explain it.

Well. I guess I can with the word "obsessive", but still, there's no reason I shouldn't be playing any of the other games sitting unwanted in CD drives around my apartment. Sure, none of them are puzzle games, but if I wanted a puzzle game I'd probably be playing Bejeweled, which doesn't have any of Minesweeper's 50/50 situations where you just have to choose blindly and hope.

Maybe it's just a game to pass the time while waiting for word to come in on so many things that will affect my future drastically--for example, did you know that I still don't have plane tickets to Otakon? Yeah, those plans sort of fell through, so Fred and I have about a week to figure out how I'm getting there--if I'm getting there at all, that is.

Which of course brings me back to Minesweeper. In the course of writing this rant, I've played about 20 games of Minesweeper in between sentences. That's just nuts. I think I might have to uninstall Minesweeper from my home and work computers now, or I'll just stop being productive. Ugh.

Hopefully, I'll be able to kick the habit over a weekend spent celebrating my best friend's birthday. If not, I may have to resort to finding a friend willing to hit me over the head with a 2x4 every time I even think of going to the Games menu.

Welp, if I actually manage to get to play any of these games, I'll rant about it on Monday. See you then!


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