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< Piro >

Awww.. the cute little quake girl won't hurt you... promise...


Monday - November 27, 2000

[Piro] - 08:45:00 - [link here]

Sometimes i do draw things from real life. I remember being somewhat self conscious in a shoujo section of a bookstore in Ginza, then turning around to knock over a display of shoujo manga with my camera bag. (sigh) comic imitating life...

Well, so much for my vacation. I spent the last two days of it suffering from a sinus headache that I know damn well is the result of the crappy weather we've been having here in Michigan. I wish it would just snow. This cold soaking rain bit is enough to depress anyone. :)

I'm trying to decide if I actually made good on some of my plans for the weekend. I did, more or less. T-shirt designs are almost done, it just took longer to do the b4k4 painting than I planned. Also, I didn't get hardly any web design work done for Megatokyo itself - except for some new banners in the links section. I spent a good deal of time Friday fixing up the 'wanderings' section of fredart. The plan for that section was that once a week i would add at least three new links to Japanese CG art sites that I found particularly decent. I also took care of a few code fixes here and there - small stuff, really. Oh, and I did manage to get today's strip done. ^_^

I'm going to keep today's rant a bit short because I have a lot to do today (yea, what else is new?) Someone commented to me in an email that the plot for megatokyo is great even if it does go 'walkabout' from time to time. Y'know, thats a really good term for it. Even tho a story, book or novel really is best when comprised of three parts - beginning, middle and end, a online comic like this is more analogous to real life. Things happen in due course. You kinda know where you are going, but things pop out of nowhere that sometimes are just little points of interest, and other times are major turning points that change everything. We've kept the story flexible and pliable for those reasons.

I know i promised that t-shirt designs would be ready today - as usual, I'm a little late. The plan is to release three shirts - a Kimiko shirt, a Erika shirt and a Fredart shirt (which will be the b4k4quake image). I need to do another Erika drawing before I can finish her shirt - i really don't like the color drawing i did of her.

Anyone want a ping shirt? ^_^ Yuki? Seraphim? Oh... Largo and Piro? Pah. who wants two guys on a shirt? Largo and Piro are rather worthless and just aren't worth the energy to paint them. Perhaps Megatokyo should go the way of Idol Project... no male characters at all! Woo!

Now that would be fun to draw. :)

< Largo >

you're already here.

"big feet"

Tuesday - November 28, 2000

[Largo] - 09:31:00 - [link here]

You may have noticed this week's strips are a bit on the for lack of a better word 'mushy' side. See guys, this is what happens when I go out of town and leave Piro alone in the director's chair. Not that I object to our dichotomy of interests. So far our complete lack of common ground has produced something almost unique, and sometimes readable. The strip is about give and take, which on a good day means I give Piro hell, and he takes it.

Josh over at the awesome webcomic called Stubble, made us this gift art, very cool stuff.

After playing some Mechwarrior 4 this week, I've determined some things that I'd like to share with everyone today. First off, after years of playing mech games I've finally figured out the appeal of giant robot simulations, it's the big feet. There just isn't anything as satisfying as stepping on your enemy, except maybe if you get a kick out of scraping your enemy off your mech's foot - you'd know if you were into that sort of thing. However, for me nothing really captures the spirit of total domination like squishing your opponents into the ground like the ants they are, and that requires some really big feet.

I just can't get enough of the new Mechwarrior game, I'm hooked, I'm sold, I'm hyping this thing as if I worked for Dailyradar. Some people have complained about the lack of realism in the new incarnation of this popular series, but they should all be shot - so they don't matter. See, in the past there were little to no restrictions on the load outs of the weapons you could outfit on your mechs besides the issue of weight and physical space. However now in order to better help play balancing, you can only outfit certain amounts of certain types of weapons on any mech used. This gives the game something it never had in previous versions, balanced play.

Sure the purists of the genre will bitch and whine like political candidates that have lost an election and refuse to admit defeat, but I say just ignore them and they'll go away. That happens to be my solution to most problems, like when your car starts leaking a strange colored fluid, or if your body starts leaking strange colored fluids.

I've spent the last few weeks moving to my new place, which has been a strain on my time and energy. I am happy to report that it's over and I now can rest, well - I would rest but my new place does not have DSL or @home yet, so after years of having a fast connection, I'm being forced back into the dark ages and using a modem. For those of you who don't already know, modems suck. Modems suck in ways that I can't even describe, other then to say they suck.

btw, modems suck.


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