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Tokiko and Nikoudou of TLS3

"now i *need* a PS2"

Saturday - December 2, 2000

[Piro] - 02:07:00 - [link here]

Y'know, this is all your fault. Yes, you. The one reading this right now. Megatokyo wasn't supposed to be a big project. In fact, I remember telling largo that he'd be lucky to get one strip a week out of me. But no~ooo, MT has to get popular. (grumble)

This make me grumble? Well, not really. I am actually very proud of how well MT has done. In this era of such intense media saturation, It amazes me that people would bother to add Megatokyo to the mix. So why the grumbling?

It's pretty simple, really. I have missed the deadline for finishing my winter comike doujinshi submission to the MJ-12 project disk "Love Spiral". I'm pretty sad about this. For the past three weeks I have been trying desperately to get it finished, but to no avail.

MJ-12, as I've mentioned before, is a True Love Story doujinshi circle that produces CDRom disks for sale at summer and winter Comike events. I did a project for the summer comike called 'Envelope'. It was this project that convinced me that Megatokyo might actually be possible. I've been working on a follow up to the story called 'Snapshots', which centered on a new character who returns to Aobadai city. Sadly, even with an extension, there is no way I could finish anything of quality in the next few weeks.

Gomen ne, Noritac-san, minna-san. Both tsubasa and I are disappointed that we won't be able to contribute to the winter project. My commitment to TLS is not shaken, I just could not finish in time. Tsubasa and I will plan a full-fledged project for next summer's comike based on True Love Story 3. There is just too much going on right now. Please forgive us.

True Love Story 3. There's another thing to grumble about. Nono, not to you. This TLS addiction is all Tsubasa's fault. Tsubasa got me hooked on True Love Story 2 last year. TLS is a series of games that relies more on strength of story and interaction with the characters than on character designs. A lot of people say the character designs for TLS aren't that good, but I think that is an unfair judgement. There is a lot of GREAT TLS artwork, just dig into the books and support materials. I've also played TLS F fan disk - which is a little odd because you try to go on a pseudo-date with your 'sister' in the games. (I try to ignore the sister thing, really... Misaki-chan is so cute!!... or is that bad?)

TL3 will be released in March of 2001 as a DVD game for the Playstation 2 (Japanese) - yet another reason to be annoyed - now i really need a PS2. Here's the general scoop on the game (thanks to Tsubasa for helping me dig up the info). Caution, this is a little long today. :)

In the game, you are the protagonist who is a junior high school student. You secretly have a crush on Takane Aotsuki, a dream girl at the school. She loves to take care of the school garden, and broadcasting during the lunch break, perhaps because she has a sweet voice.

You're twin sister is named Kaname ("The Vital Point" in Japanese :P ), which replace the role of Kimiko and Misaki in the original TLS games. She takes secret surveys to tell you how much the girls like you.

Basically, You wander around the school during intervals between classes, trying to bump into the girls. As you talk to the girls, you have to choose the best topics andalternatives. If you talk to them right, their affections toward you will be raised. Usually, multiple choices will appear during the conversations, so you have to choose the best answer to the particular girl.

If you have good luck, you'll meet one or two of the girls at the end of the school day. She may ask you if you want to go home together. These are crucial phases of the game.

In the "Conversation Mode(Kaiwa Mode)" session, you have 12 topics to choose from. When you choose the topic, the girl will respond, and the conversation will go on if you choose the best answers. If you goof up and pick the wrong topic, or say something that is too sensitive at that time, the girl will saying good-bye. If you choose a remark that is really unexpected to her, the girl might get upset, and run away. This, of course, has been a basic feature of the TLS series from the start.

It is said that there will be as many as 17 girls in the game (According to Dengeki G's Magazine and Megami Magazine) On December 23rd, there will be a small TLS3 talk show in Shibuya. Only 300 seats will be available. Hopefully tsubasa can go, i sure wish i could ^_^

Anyhoo, that's the gist of the game. It's a lot of fun, and nothin makes your stomach sink like choosing the wrong thing to say, and watching the girls expression change from a smile to an incredulous frown. Warning - the game CAN depress you if you really suck at this stuff. :)

Long one today, gomen - but some of you have asked what gal games are really like - I'm fond of the TLS series - its a bit different from the others - there are lots of different kinds. In the future, I'll review a few other games as well.

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you're already here.


Tuesday - December 5, 2000

[Largo] - 00:53:01 - [link here]

As some of you may have noticed, the comic is now appearing on GameSpy. There even happens to be a neat article about us on their site, here. This would be called a good thing, which is not unlike a nice thing or a sweet thing. This should not however be confused with what is called a bad thing, or a oh dear god why did they do that thing. GameSpy is a sweet network, with a lot to offer the gamer community, so if you don't already - check it out.

I was able to get thru my email backlog and so today will have a larger then normal amount of linkitage in it then some of you may be used to receiving. However, fear not as I can assure you that clicking on this many links will not cause cancer or other vile nasty unpleasantness.

First up, some gift art was sent to us. Subi of sent us this sweet picture of Kimiko. This is really great work, the background was a great touch. Sephirot sent me this Piro voodoo-doll, which has been great fun and stress relief for me. Whenever I feel too much pressure or overworked, I take a needle and poke it in the Piro doll's face. Works wonders, try it!

Submitted for my approval was this vile link which dares to ask the question, 'are video games a waste of time?' - the nerve! Granted the author goes on to give a couple valid reasons why the single player experience is not worth our time, but logic is for the weak, any true gamer knows that.

In all seriousness I do find fault with their argument in that sure - mindless shooters are maybe just a distraction, but suggesting they are a fleeting unmemorable waste of time is going a bit too far. Even though the author briefly mentioned that the exception to this rule was CRPGs and other character building games, they forgot to include simulation games like my currently much appreciated Mechwarrior 4 and adventure games like Monkey Island, as also being an exception to their rule. They instead focused on games like Tony Hawk and the single player experience of Quake. I happen to think they are just playing the wrong games, going back to Quake for a evaluation of the entire single player genre is just unfair, why didn't they talk about the extreme coolness of Deus Ex? or Thief?

I can't expect to fully understand how everyone comes to his or her own conclusions about what makes games good or bad, but I do feel this article is a good example of journalistic doggie poop that should be passed around as a cautionary tale that shows others what happens when you sniff too much glue as a child.

Speaking of Mechwarrior, the prez of wanted to let mech fanatics know that they are offering to recreate the Battletech universe for those that wish to play on teams or as a unit in Mechwarrior 4. I do wish to note that upon visiting their site I was confronted with the infamous internet monkey, and once again I was able to hit him. That damn monkey now owes me $40 and I want what is coming to me.

It seems everyday I link several new webcomics or something to that effect, today is no different. Zero's disturbing comic is well, disturbing. Continuing with the cool trend of gamer related comics, we have Little Gamers, which for some reason seems to be the brainchild of crossing bomberman with hello kitty, don't ask me why.

Well that it's for today, I'm off to go blast the undead some more. There just isn't anything more relaxing then blowing up zombies...


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