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"the joy of deadlines"

Friday - December 5, 2003

[Piro] - 11:00:00 - [link here]

Ok, just a few quick comments today. My deadline for getting book 2 done is monday, so that's what I'm concentrating on this weekend. I'm about a week behind my original goals (my self-set deadline), but things are still on schedule for the January release. The book is coming together really well. Rather than comment on what I've been working on for it, I'm going to try to finish it first, and then comment on it.

That said, I'm off to work. There is a good chance that Monday's comic might be late as a result of this (as in, I might not actually do it till monday) but it all depends on how much I get done today and saturday. Thanks for your patience. :)


Oh! I just came across this today, and its very much worth pointing out. I was checking out an article over at the Pulse on a new Antarctic Press title called "Legends from Dark Wood", mainly because the artwork really caught my eye, and i did a double take when the artist for this title mentioned that he had done a guest strip for megatokyo before...

And sure enough, John Kantz did this highly amusing guest strip as part of our guest strip contest back in July 2001! Even if i had not made that connection, I was gonna pick up this title when i went to the comic shop, because frankly it looks pretty good. :) Way to go John, and good luck with the new series!

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Oop ack!

"Finger crossing"

Monday - December 22, 2003

[Dom] - 10:00:00 - [link here]

Apparently, it's a good thing when there's an earthquake during your job interview.


Hoo. :D


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