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Digiko, Puchiko, and Rabi-en-Rose of Digicharat

"baka gnyow!"

Friday - December 8, 2000

[Piro] - 07:32:00 - [link here]

Ok, for those of you new to Megatokyo, and might be somewhat new to anime in general, I should supply a little additional information here regarding today's strip. "Naze Nani Megatokyo" is a spoof of "Naze nani Nadesico", a little skit that occurred several times in the animated tv series Martian Successor Nadesico. Yurika, the somewhat airheaded captain of the ship, decides to bolster the spirits of the crew by putting on a goofy show where she plays the 'silly bunny' asking questions of 'Ruri onesan' in order to educate the crew on how the ship works. That is why Largo and Piro are dressed the way they are.

As for why Erika and Kimiko are dressed as Rabi-en-Rose and Digiko from Digi Charat... uh... i don't know why, really... it just sorta... worked... it seemed so right... and yet so wrong at the same time... ^^;;;; Ah, what a fun episode. We must do this again.

The Gamespy linking has grossed us quite an increase in readership - which was kinda the whole point. :) Exposure is nice. It keeps me from chucking the whole project and catching up on some things, like Skies of Arcadia, and Final Fantasy IX, and... you get the idea. We even got emails from George Broussard and John Romero himself. ^^;; Thanks for havin a sense of humor guys.

It's been interesting reading some of the opinions and comments in the forums recently. The biggest problem with having a large group of people eyeing what you do three times a week is that everything you end up doing gets scrutinized. Reactions to us working with Gamespy was greeted with both praise and horror. It really is true, you can't please everyone.

That said, trying to 'please everyone' isn't what Largo and I are trying to do. If we were, then Megatokyo wouldn't be anything like it is today - it would have been driven by careful consideration and studies of what the statistics say that people want. Cheh. My attitude is give people a bit of what they want, then a whole lot of what they don't realize they want. Like Erika dressed up as Rabi-en-Rose and Kimiko in Digiko gear. Betya didn't know you wanted that :)

There are grumblings about 'selling out' and 'we dont want MT to change'. (sigh) if you folks dont get it at this point, i'll have to send Erika in to bean y'all but good. Largo and I have one goal - to improve MT until it is the best comic / manga / production (i use that word because to me, MT could move into almost any media) that it can possibly be. The only think that keeps it down are my crappy art skills, time constraints, day job, inability to write a good story... uh, you get the idea. We started MT for fun, we shall continue to do it for fun. There will be no selling out. Only things that improve Megatokyo will happen.

And as for the pace of the story, I really wish i could do MT daily. Largo and I could do the scripts for a daily with little problem, but it's the physical labor of drawing that prevents me from doing that. I'd rather just improve the quality of each episode than pump out more. We shall be doing some heavy story development in the next few weeks, so hopefully that will mollify everyone. If not, we are doing the best we can. :)

Oh, and on a side note (meaning day-job related, not comic related): I'm researching companies and/or contractors in the South East Michigan area who might be interested in doing some back-end work for the corportate website of the company i work for In Real Life. :) Myself and the marketing department have a handle on the web design and functionality - I just don't have the time to build the back-end. (unless i drop Megatokyo for a few months) It's not a huge project, but we need something that can be easily updated and modified by our marketing department (web interface) We need a turn-key solution that is well coded and won't break easily (a good PHP/mySQL backend of somesort). If you know of any companies in the reigon who you would reccomend, please email me. Once again, this is for my REAL JOB, not for the comic, and must be a reasonably close to the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. This has zero to do with Megatokyo, but you would get the opportunity to work with me - which might or might not be a good thing :P) I figure this is kind of a good place to ask :)

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"december 7th"

Thursday - December 7, 2000

[Largo] - 10:59:00 - [link here]

In honor of today being the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I thought I'd in turn bask in the irony of the gaming industry's history and talk about one of my old coin-op favorites, 1942.

Here is a classic shooter game that places you in the cockpit of a P38 as you fly thru the skies of Nippon. Sounds simple enough, get in plane, launch, and blow up as many Japanese pilots as you can.

Then the irony begins to set in, this game was created by Capcom, a Japanese game company. Imagine it, a group of guys got together and made a game where the player kills their own people. Either just plain morbid, or dark comedy at its best, this entire concept just gives me the chills.

I began wonder how I'd feel if I was making a shooter game where the player goes around and kills my own nation's armed forces.

I could call it, 1991 - you would play as a brave Iraqi pilot charging against the air and ground, and sea forces of the vile American Imperialists! Avoiding the tomahawk missiles and stealth fighters would be the worst of the ordeals, and at the end of the game you'll have to takeout the aircraft carrier with George Bush on it.

See, This is a game that will never be made, or if it was, I doubt it would sell well outside of the Persian Gulf.

But what if those tables were turned, I'm not sure if I would see this all as a twisted joke, or if I would be really insulted. I'd like to be able to ask the developers who made the original 1942 what they thought about it

Oh well, when in doubt just keep telling your self, "It's only a game."

Today's comic linkitage brings you deeper into the realm of the abstract. Beginning with a new comic based on geometric drawings. For the original in geometric abstract wacky-ness check out Triangle & Robert either strip is sure to make it so you never see basic shapes in the same innocent light, ever again.

There seems to be some comments of MegaTokyo 'selling out' or something to that effect, I'd like to point out that in order to sell out two qualifications must exist.

1. The person must agree to compromise thier own integrity or beliefs.

2. The person must get some mad cash flow for doing it.

I can assure you that we have not sold out. For one thing, I have no beliefs that I'd ever compromise, and more importantly. I've yet to get any of that mad cash flow. I mean really now, do any of you see a "" anywhere?

Speaking of that, just why is it that I haven't got the mad cash flow... I bet Piro is hiding it someplace...

Now that I've said that, I'm going to plug our new friends over at gamespy, hah, see you can't stop me - I plug it again! and you'll click on that link and be entertained damnit!


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