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"break in the workflow"

Sunday - February 8, 2004

[Piro] - 00:43:00 - [link here]

Well, it took long enough, but it seems that supplies of Book 2 have filtered thru the distribution networks and should be readily available. For instance, the Megatokyo/ThinkGeek store has em, and there are reports of them being in Waldenbooks, Borders, and various other retailers. It also seems to have been doing pretty good on Amazon. Reaction to the book has been very positive so far - only one complaint :). Also, all you pre-order people should either have your books or they are on their way. If you don't have one by the end of next week, email me.

Not sure when the new Megatokyo t-shirt will be in Waldenbooks stores, but if anyone spots one, let me know :) Should be fairly soon.

I should be enjoying this respite, with the book now in stores and all the work that went into it behind me, right? Peh? not a chance. :( Unfortunately, the reprint of Book 1 was solicited a liiiiiiitle earlier than I had figured, and well? I have to have everything done by next Wednesday. ^^;; Luckily, I have been getting a little help from some friends - Merle and Natsuki from Nekobox put in long hours over the past few weeks helping to re-process all the comics from book one into higher rez from for the new book. This morning I sent out a DVDR to Dark Horse with all the reprocessed files. Next I have to finish the cover, and get all the extra material pulled together? The extra material in this re-issue of book one will include a lot of artwork, sketches and other stuff from the early days of Megatokyo. I've been pouring over old sketchbooks and other material and other things - it's been interesting re-visiting it all. Hopefully it will prove interesting. I have to say tho, it's embarrassing how bad some of my old artwork is.

In other news, Seraphim's laptop is back. It's all fixed and working like new. Despite my rather irritated rant two weeks ago (of which Applelinks picked up on my ire -- eep) I'm pretty happy. The problem with rants like these is that they are just reflections of what I feel and what I'm thinking. All arguments aside about how good or how bad or how fair Apple is with it's Applecare stuff, I reacted the way I did, and honestly, I don't think I was out of line.

I think I need to clarify that its not the fact that Applecare exists, or that it costs X amount of dollars, etc that was the problem. What irritated me was being pressured not once, but *twice*, to purchase Applecare before we even got to my repair issue - THAT is what set me off. I don't think I was out of line, my reaction was genuine. Now, regarding the rest of my experience with Applecare - it was quite good. For example, I wasn't sure if the 'white spot' problem on the screen (common with early 15" powerbooks) would be dealt with, so I called Applecare back to see if that would also be looked at, and the person on the phone was very helpful. I checked on the status a week later and the automated system couldn't find it -- the guy on the phone was also quite helpful. I was told they were waiting for a new screen. The laptop arrived the other day, and now that things are back to normal, the screen works and looks good, Seraphim is happy, and I am actually quite satisfied with things.

Ok, I have to get back to work. ugh ugh ugh?. why me? Why do I always have to deal with these deadlines? Ah well, rant #2 about Japan hopefully before I leave for Katsucon next week.

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"White Bread"

Monday - February 2, 2004

[Seraphim] - 03:02:00 - [link here]

In the spirit of Valentine's day, I put up a new Seraphim Survey! - select your favorite couple from a select group of characters. Please, no complaining about characters that aren't listed! Rent-a-zilla is NOT considered a viable partner. Other does NOT apply. :)

Valentines Day Seraphim Survey - Favorite MT Couple! [The poll is now CLOSED. thank you for voting! results to be posted in the next rant :)]


Makeovers are the hot new craze and it is almost impossible to get away from them. The media from television to magazines is inundated with them. People are crazy to makeover everything from people to houses. As if there weren't enough individual shows – they had to create the Style Network to tell people how inadequate they are 24/7. What is really insulting is the fact the makeovered person is usually recommended by their so-called friends who obviously think they are pathetic. On Style Court the makeoveree is accused of being criminally dorky and their nominator acts as the prosecutor. These friends send in their names secretly to the shows. Why do they do it in secret? Probably because the person is happy they way they are and wouldn't volunteer themselves. But you know, don't let that fact influence your decision to possibly humiliate someone.

I'm really turned off by the shows that feature cruelty. Can't someone tell a person how to find clothes that are flattering without turning vicious? And I usually find that I don't think the people doing the makeovers impress me all that much. As in I wouldn't be caught dead in what they are wearing. Everyone has different tastes and personalities. Why is it so popular to make everyone into white bread? If it's not homogenized it's not a 'good thing'. I also can't believe people have so much time to be concerned with how other people are dressing, wearing their makeup, or decorating their home. GET A LIFE! If I don't care what I wear I really don't think anyone else should take the time to bother.

I am currently taking a business information class for my library science degree. It's not what you think – no learning about reference resources. This program has a heavy emphasis on economic information policy and the use of the web for business purposes. For my project I created a survey for the wonderful MT readers. If you are interested in taking the MT survey (poll is now closed! Thank you!) it is anonymous and hosted on the MT server so you won't get spammed and I'm not asking for an email address. It asks about basic demographics such as gender and age, MT reading habits, your favorite character, if you have used the online store or conventions and stuff like that. There is a glitch in the question about Canada and Mexico. If you select either of those click next and then skip to question 7 using the arrows at the bottom of the frame. Sorry Canada! Some Safari and Mozilla users may experience problems (like Piro did!) depending on what version you use. I like the software so much I plan to come up with more MT surveys in the future but those will be short ones just for fun. So please fill out the survey or Kimiko will be sad.

Katsucon is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to the convention season. After Ayacon it was nice to have a long break but you get to miss it after awhile. We hope to meet a lot of MT fans this year. We went to a lot of cons last year but we weren't really good at telling anyone we were going. So to give everyone fair warning – this is a list of the conventions we know we are attending this year,

Katsucon 2/13-15 Arlington, VA
Megacon 3/5-3/7 Orlando
Sakura-Con 4/23-25 Seattle
Anime Central 5/14-16 Chicago
Fanime 5/28-5/30 San Jose, CA
Akon 6/4-6 Dallas
San Diego Comic Con 7/22-25
Otakon 7/30 - 8/1
Anime Weekend Atlanta 9/24-26

Wizzywig will be at all of them and a few more so check out their schedule too.


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