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< Piro >

yay, katsu bound! ^_^

"Hope it doesn't snow"

Thursday - February 12, 2004

[Piro] - 14:04:00 - [link here]

[quick note - seems that the Megatokyo t-shirts are starting to show up in Waldenbooks stores :) - piro]

Geh. Last year was that horrible snow storm that socked in the East Coast and Seraphim and I drove thru that mess coming home from Katsucon... for once in my life, i hope it DOESNT snow over the next few days. ^^;;

Ok, as usual before I travel, a quick and frantic rant. :) I've managed to meet my deadline (yay! Book 1 stuff is almost done! Just a few things to do when I get back next week :) so that rather annoying Dirge-esque monkey is off my back. ^^;; God, I hate monkeys. Monkeys suck. But at least I think I have my life back. Just in time to drive to Virginia to go to Katsucon. I ... sorta feel (and sound like) Meemers today. Remind me to start covering all the mirrors in this place.

Ok, Katsucon. First con of this year's con season for Seraphim and I, and as always, we'll do our best to sign, do drawings (as best I can, anyways) and whatnot while there. There's a lot going on at Katsu this year (see schedule below) but when Seraphim and I aren't at events, we'll be at the Wizzywig booth hiding behind cute fluffy stuffed things. It looks like we won't be at the booth on Friday, but there is an autograph session at 7pm Friday, so we can try to take care of you there as well. We'll be at the booth on Saturday from10am to 12noon and from 5pm to 6pm. Sunday, we'll be there from 10am to 3pm. As always, we'll try to take care of everyone. Thank in advance for your support :)

Now, the con schedule specifics are as follows:

- Friday -
Opening Ceremonies - 5pm
MegaTokyo panel - 6pm
Autograph session - 7pm

- Saturday -
Web Comics - 12pm - 2pm
Iron Artist - 2:15pm - 4:30pm
MegaTokyo overflow - 11pm

- Sunday -
Closing Ceremonies - 3pm

Be sure to come to the Megatokyo panel on Friday if you can. We're gonna try showing some photos from some of the stuff we did last year. Should be fun.

Also, the webcomics panel will have a lot of webcomic people there, including the Mac Hall guys, Vaz from Under Power", Hot Soup from Winter and Lethal Doses fame, Hawk from Applegeeks... more too (I'll update this list when I get there tomorrow :P) For the most part, I think most of these guys are brining stuff to sell (for example, Vaz is gonna have some very nice pieces in the art show, and the Applegeeks guys are brining some shirts ^_^) - be sure to support your fave webcomic artists ^_^

As I've mentioned before, I REALLY got tripped up right from the get-go this year. A lot of things came down far faster than I anticipated them to, and it's been hell on my nerves and my sleep schedule, but the good news is *I got thru it* ^_^ and it's done. The plus side of this is that rather than working on book 1 for the two weeks after Katsucon,it's done, which means I can focus on chapter 5. :) If all goes well, Chapter five will start Friday of next week (unless I need one more comic to finish off the GTC arc). Hope you guys haven't been too disappointed with MT recently - been doin my best.

A few things I keep completely forgetting about. First, a note from Dom:

“Sorry about being late on this whole thing, but American Cosplay Paradise has started its MegaTokyo cosplay contest! We're going to offer an original sketch and a couple of posters as prizes, so go here for rules and more information! The deadline is February 28, so get crackin'! Good luck"

Dom says they will probably move the deadline because it's taken so long to get announcements out. Gah, no idea when I can get a sketch done for it... Oh well, I'll deal with that next week. ^^;;

Another thing I promised that I'd link well over a month ago is 9th Elsewhere - a very cute and well done webcomic that I think I've linked before ^_^ Give it a read, well worth the visit, and tell the girls I sent you.

< Seraphim >

Sarah's Stuff

"Publicity Stunts"

Wednesday - February 11, 2004

[Seraphim] - 11:50:00 - [link here]

In keeping with the theme of the comic and rant today – the Seraphim Surveys asks 'What would YOU do for publicity?' No write in options on this one – there are some places you just don’t want to go J See the bottom of the rant for results from previous surveys.

Dangling babies over balconies or over the jaws of a wild animal. Stars getting married and divorced all in the span of days or hours. Shall I even mention the Super Bowl halftime show? Forget implied nudity – I'm WAAAAY behind the times. What did they think they were getting away with?. The best cover story they could come up with was that it was a clothing malfunction? Good thing Janet and Justin are singers because they sure can't act. I am most disgusted by their backpedaling. It was intentional (see above about acting) and they don't even have the guts to stand behind what they did. I get the feeling that they thought it would be accepted and they expected praise for being so daring. Oops. But it is said there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Whether it is the stars or the publicity agents - what were they thinking? What happens to people when they become media celebrities? Does it lower the IQ? That would be really sad because I don't think a lot them have the IQ points to spare. They are such uninteresting people they that need publicity stunts to gain attention or to rouse interest in their movie/book/cd.

I blame the media. They get a clip of a baby poised on the brink of disaster and that is all you see for days on every news show. And not just the 'news' shows either. I swear that the Travel channel had a show about the 10 Best Balconies and Zoos at which to put children in danger. Really, I saw it. And they love to rehash the past. If I see Nick Nolte's mug shot one more time just because another celebrity has gotten into trouble I will scream. It is interesting or funny maybe once. Why don't they do a news story about whether or not stars get a walk after being caught breaking the law. All these mug shots for DUI but we never hear about the fallout. Ok, Diana Ross got 2 days in jail. I'm sure that will be a lifetime for her.

I'll be truthful. We have never been arrested. I was watching a late, late, late talk show one night and the guest was Martin Sheen. He is a big protester – for peace and against political oppression and such. The host asked him if he was going to be at an upcoming rally and he said he couldn't because he was on probation. Now that peaked my interest since he is about the age of my father. What's the old codger been up to? He's been arrested 67 times. Whenever he was told to back down he took a step forward and crossed the line. That is the kind of celebrity I would want to be. I'd be out there speaking my mind and not acting the fool for the handlers, studios, and publicity agents.

But Piro and I are BORING and we know it. I like to grow exotic and unusual plants and Piro gets excited about wind farms, trains, and earth sheltered housing. Piro hates the word celebrity and can't stand it when someone asks him about being one. We prefer to think of ourselves as personalities. Mostly somewhat disturbed personalities. Dom would be an extremely disturbed personality. And not even Dom endangers small helpless beings. Which points to the total freakiness of true celebrities. It appears they will do anything for attention. What will someone do next to up the ante? If Piro ever has to pull an outrageous stunt to sell a book or if he ever cares about selling a book more than his own dignity – it would be time to give it up.

Seraphim Survey Results!

Respondents – 11,767 It took hours to process the results.
Demographics – readers are overwhelmingly male at 76% but ladies did account for 24%. 76% of readers were between 14 and 24 years old. We had one person 65 and older – yeah for you! By ranking, readers were from North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Asia and Africa.

Favorite character by votes:
Largo – 2339
Miho – 1583
Piro - 1328
Boo - 1132
Erika - 956
Junpei – 939
Seraphim – 700
L33t d00d, Megumi, Pirogoeth – 581
Ping – 483
Dom – 345
Ed – 154
Rent-a-zilla – 147
Asmodeus – 127

The rest were in the single digits. And I'm too tired to write them out.

76% read MT online at home and 45% found out about MT from friends. So ladies get out there and tell two friends and they'll tell two friends and then we will rule the world! But then again the male to female ratio is 3 to 1. Not bad odds for finding a really nice and obviously intelligent male!

54% never used the forums and 40% only sometimes. That might be skewed since forum users were probably obsessively posting and didn't take the survey J

Most desired future merchandise was wall calendar, wall scroll, plushies, and action figures. I wonder why wall scrolls are so popular. Posters have better image quality. Is because they don't need a frame or that you can use them as curtains? Gotta warn you – Piro is all about the image quality.

Thanks for the taking survey. We got emails that reminded us about things we had forgotten – like the site being Slashdotted in the beginning and old CaféPress store designs.

Valentines day survey results:

Favorite couple of Megatokyo is – Piro and Kimiko! A close runner up is Largo and Erika.

The third favorite couple was Boo and Seraphim... not really sure what to think about that.

Lots of pairings with Miho too. In fact, just about every pairing was selected, all except Ed and Kimiko. Interesting.


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