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Yohko from TLS2 - Snapshots

"things too fast"

Monday - December 11, 2000

[Piro] - 11:12:00 - [link here]

Ugh. What a weekend. Remember last week when I said that I had missed the deadline for the MJ-12 doujinshi project 'Love Spiral' (for the Winter Comike)? Well... Noritac-san gave tsubasa and I an extension - until December 12th. Honestly, it was both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, yay! I can get something done for comike! On the other hand... drat, i thought i got out of that. :)

The biggest problem I've had with 'snapshot', the short story that I started working on last month for the project was that I just couldn't get into it. I am a big time TLS freak, as you may have guessed... yet the story wasn't coming. It had a lot to do with everything that has been happening with Megatokyo recently (as you can imagine). Saturday, however, inspiration struck. Things fell together in the story, I simplified a few things, added a few others, and bingo! It was there!

Given the short amount of time I've really had to devote to this, this is really an introduction to the story - the first installment. That left doing the illustrations to accompany the story. I figured that the minimum i needed was 11 megatokyo-strip-quality drawings. I have to say, i was on a roll yesterday. I was able to complete the 11 drawings in less than 4 hours. I'm still astounded. And Youko-chan looks realllly good. ^_^

I figure that I will do 'snapshot' on an installment basis for MJ-12 over the next few months. So, if you are good little boys and girls, and I get Noritac's permission, I'll let all of you see it in due time. Don't forget that I have already received permission to post 'envelope' (the doujinshi project i did over the summer). With any luck, I'll have it posted by the end of the week.

The biggest part of the challenge I faced this weekend was that believe it or not - I did not spend most of the weekend working on Megatokyo and my doujinshi project. I spent most of it shopping. I was helping Sarah find a dress for the company Christmas party. I have to say - i don't mind shopping. I tend to take the time to observe clothing types and fashion ideas for characters. But even I can only deal with so much. Girls have this unbelievable ability to hunt thru clothing in a methodical nature that no man can match. By 8:30 pm, i couldn't remember if I was in Twelve Oaks Mall or Fairlane mall anymore, and brain cells were beginning to shut down. I bow to Sarah's amazing perseverance. I don't know how you do it. :)

Ah, and for those who ask, "What the heck is 'Napple Tale'??" - go check it out for yourselves. Here are a few reviews to check out, here and here :) I had a chance to play Napple Tale in all its glory over at Mike's place a few weeks ago. I have to say, its a great game. You find yourself saying 'what the hell am i doing playing this?'... yet you keep playing. :)

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"december 7th"

Thursday - December 7, 2000

[Largo] - 10:59:00 - [link here]

In honor of today being the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I thought I'd in turn bask in the irony of the gaming industry's history and talk about one of my old coin-op favorites, 1942.

Here is a classic shooter game that places you in the cockpit of a P38 as you fly thru the skies of Nippon. Sounds simple enough, get in plane, launch, and blow up as many Japanese pilots as you can.

Then the irony begins to set in, this game was created by Capcom, a Japanese game company. Imagine it, a group of guys got together and made a game where the player kills their own people. Either just plain morbid, or dark comedy at its best, this entire concept just gives me the chills.

I began wonder how I'd feel if I was making a shooter game where the player goes around and kills my own nation's armed forces.

I could call it, 1991 - you would play as a brave Iraqi pilot charging against the air and ground, and sea forces of the vile American Imperialists! Avoiding the tomahawk missiles and stealth fighters would be the worst of the ordeals, and at the end of the game you'll have to takeout the aircraft carrier with George Bush on it.

See, This is a game that will never be made, or if it was, I doubt it would sell well outside of the Persian Gulf.

But what if those tables were turned, I'm not sure if I would see this all as a twisted joke, or if I would be really insulted. I'd like to be able to ask the developers who made the original 1942 what they thought about it

Oh well, when in doubt just keep telling your self, "It's only a game."

Today's comic linkitage brings you deeper into the realm of the abstract. Beginning with a new comic based on geometric drawings. For the original in geometric abstract wacky-ness check out Triangle & Robert either strip is sure to make it so you never see basic shapes in the same innocent light, ever again.

There seems to be some comments of MegaTokyo 'selling out' or something to that effect, I'd like to point out that in order to sell out two qualifications must exist.

1. The person must agree to compromise thier own integrity or beliefs.

2. The person must get some mad cash flow for doing it.

I can assure you that we have not sold out. For one thing, I have no beliefs that I'd ever compromise, and more importantly. I've yet to get any of that mad cash flow. I mean really now, do any of you see a "" anywhere?

Speaking of that, just why is it that I haven't got the mad cash flow... I bet Piro is hiding it someplace...

Now that I've said that, I'm going to plug our new friends over at gamespy, hah, see you can't stop me - I plug it again! and you'll click on that link and be entertained damnit!


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