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< Piro >


"memai descending"

Monday - March 8, 2004

[Piro] - 08:20:00 - [link here]

Well, i was doin great till i got home from Florida last night. I was doin pretty good, script in place, drawings all started and moving along. I figured that when i got home around 9:30pm or so i'd just push on and finish up. Heh, i didn't count on completely crashing out last night :)

Anyways, i still have several drawings to do this morning and i'm muddling along on them. Its ice-snow-raining outside, and i'm just gonna sit here and be glad i'm home :P

I didn't really want to do a DPD for today, but I did want to post this sketch of Memai i did while in Florida. It's not MT related (even tho Memai does look surprisingly like Kimiko, which is not necessarily an accident) but i figured that it'd be something nice to look at while y'all wait for me to get my head together and finish todays comic.

The whole Haibabe doujin idea in the back of my head is one of the more moody ideas i've had, and for some reason I do find myself wandering back to it. Anyways, enjoy.

I have some great pics from Megacon that I need to post as well as a con report as well. Hopefully in the next few days :)

(skitters off back to work)

< Dom >

Oop ack!

"The Joy of Kicking"

Monday - March 8, 2004

[Dom] - 16:45:00 - [link here]

After a nice little recuperative jaunt to Sacramento, I've rediscovered the joys of video gaming as a hobby, rather than a job.

What did it? Unreal Tournament 2k4. Well--the demo, technically. I've never been very good at First Person Shooters, due to a lack of practice. It used to be that whenever I played an FPS for more than about 10 minutes, I would get increasingly nauseous until I had to go lie down. Playing Halo a few years back didn't do that to me, so I think I can safely chalk my early bouts of motion sickness to two things: first, the annoying "bobbing" thing that games used to do to simulate the "real walking experience" (a horrible idea if I ever heard one...), and second, bad frame rates.

I know I'm late in saying this, but UT 2K4 was a blast to play, though I have issues with vehicle driving--aircraft have Halo-style "forward is relative to the camera" controls, while ground vehicles have "forward is relative to the vehicle" controls. I'm not a fan of mixing up the controls, so I spent a lot of time in the Manta, then jumping out and going nuts with either the Avril or the minigun. I didn't get the hang of the flak cannon, unfortunately, since that's the closest thing to a newbie cannon the game has. Oh, and where the hell did my Impact Hammer go?

Meanwhile, I'm playing Cortana's copy of Ninja Gaiden, and having fun. I'm only at chapter 7 so far, so I won't say anything about people who claim that it's "damn hard". Sure, I've died a couple times, but if I didn't lose a few lives here and there, I'd be mightily disappointed with the game. I think the game's a little on the easy side, but I'm not halfway through yet. So we'll see.

I have two complaints about the game, really. It controls well, but being unable to escape from throws is pretty lame. Sure, it's an anti-turtle measure, but stylistically and from a gameplay standpoint, I despise it. Maybe I'm spoiled by fighting games, but if a big meathook of a hand comes out and tries to grab me by the neck, I want an answer other than "get out of the way".

Lessee, what else?

Hmm. Nothing. I guess I need to wait for Sengoku Musou/Samurai Warriors to arrive before I get mightily excited about another game.


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