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"small problems"

Friday - October 22, 2004

[Piro] - 19:39:00 - [link here]

Just a quick and important announcement regarding Canadian and International customers for the MegaGear store:

A few weeks ago we enabled taking orders from Canada and have sent off many packages to fans up north. Unfortunately, what we have been seeing is that some customers have been charged exorbinant brokerage fees by UPS - wide ranging fees for essentially the same service. We think that this is not acceptable, and we feel that we must find a better solution. So, for that reason, we are going to disable Canadian orders until we resolve this issue, which will probably involve shipping thru other carriers.

International shipping will always have some fees and extras associated with it - we can't control what your country my add to the cost of a shipment by way of tariffs or taxes. What isn't fair is unreasonable brokerage fees, and this can be changed, by using different carriers.

If you are one of the many Canadian customers that have ordered from our store, first i would like to say thank you, and i would like to apologize for any unreasonable fees you may have had to pay to get your stuff. I think that in the process of solving this, it will get us a step closer to being able to ship worldwide in the near future. Thank you so much for your patience.

< Dom >

Oop ack!


Wednesday - October 27, 2004

[Dom] - 12:00:00 - [link here]

I have a deadline for Anime Insider and a job interview tomorrow. I'm booked! Sorry, but I'll get back to ranting and writing news tomorrow. In the meantime...

Take a look at the character designs for the upcoming PS2 Shining Force game. Is it just me, or does the main girl REALLY remind you of FFX's Yuna?


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