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" sorry about that..."

Wednesday - January 10, 2001

[Piro] - 00:11:00 - [link here]

Actually, I'm not sick today - this strip is the one that Dom went to great lengths to produce a few weeks ago around the holidays. By the time Dom got it to me, it was too late, so its just been sitting on my hard drive for weeks now. I am so mean to Dom. I think that's what makes him so grumpy. ^_^ I get a kick out of Dom's trackball stick-figures, so I figured this was a good point to drop this comic into the set. Frankly, I needed a day off to get back on track with Megatokyo. That happens when you get into a funk for a few days. :P

I hear from a lot of people that they like to read the rants almost as much as they like the comic. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it does tell me that people like the little insight it gives into what makes Megatokyo click. And I guess I should be a little more careful about how much I rant about things. Over the past two days I have received over 280 emails regarding monday's rant. @_o Do you have any idea how hard it is to read that many emails in the course of a day or two? Lets just say I literally spent all of my available time monday just reading the emails.

First off, i'd like to say to everyone who emailed me, thank you. I should spend a good week replying to most of them - many were thoughtful, many short and to the point, but I read every one of them (actually, my brain started to get a little numb after a while, but that's not an unusual thing) I have no intention of changing the direction of Megatokyo, no matter how much crap i need to deal with. All it means is that I need to find the zones where I will have to be prepared to put up with crap. ^_^ I'll call it a 'creative defensive strategy' or some mumbojumbo like that. I'm a little on the stubborn side. :P

I suppose i feel more confident about the direction Largo and I are taking Megatokyo now, even if it may hurt our commercial viability. When you think about it though... who cares? Websites aren't exactly making good money these days (I could feel the pain in Tycho's ramblings last friday - makes my worries pretty insignificant), so we might as well enjoy the freedom of being a truly 'free' site that is really only done because Largo and I love doing the comic. I suppose there is a part of me that dreams about doing stuff like this all day, and about all the fucking incredible crap we could do if I only had the time. But reality is what it is - and y'know what? Reality is the grist that makes for good storytelling. If I did MT for a living, we might loose a bit of our edge.

So, that being said, we shall take advantage of this. What he hell. :) Besides, i get a kick out of getting in trouble. Just ask Seraphim. :P

I got a way-swell package from tsubasa yesterday. About 15 doujinshi CDs and 10 doujinshi booklets from the winter comike (as well as the Comike 59 catalogue data CD). Woo! The real gem in the package was the two-cd set of the works of I've called 'Verge - Girls Compilation'. 'I've' produced some of the music for Kanon and AIR and many other games, and this disk just kicks ass beyond belief.

Which brings me to another project I am working on. Largo's pal 'Nitedog' has set up a shoutcast server for us over on his networks where we will be setting up 'Megatokyo Radio' sometime in the near future. Music is such a strong part of what influences Largo and I, and I think that the potential damage inflicted by the two of us forming a few shows here and there could be very great indeed. As soon as we have a show together, i'll let you know.

Tsubasa and I spent a good part of the weekend dealing with names, places, locations, train routes, stores, etc - research that needed to be done in order to create a real sense of 'place' for Megatokyo, and to help prevent story snafus that might crop up later if I am not careful ^_^ We also finalized a few family name issues that needed dealing with, and worked on the FAQs. It's a lot of work, but i think it only benefits the story in the end.

Oh, and finally, I'd like to mention that Little Gamers, a damn funny little comic by this wacked european dude is no longer in danger of being shot in the head by his boss for sucking up bandwidth on the company servers. He's now sitting on the servers over at Gamespy, so getting your daily dose of rude little weeble-wobbles should no longer be hampered by bandwidth restrictions.

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Tuesday - January 9, 2001

[Largo] - 11:20:00 - [link here]

Well, I've been on vacation for a week, can you tell?

While I've been soaking up the fine sunshine of warmer climates, Piro has been stuck in the snow and trash covered earth of Michigan. I'll never understand that state, I mean really, if you were Michigan, and you realized there was a cancerous lump attached to your body called "Detroit", wouldn't you at least try to remove it? Whether it is by radiation, atomic weapons, or at the very least a big fsck'ing chainsaw. Just lop that bad old rust stain out and send it over to France where it will be heralded as a comic genius.

So I'm back, I'm not dead, and I'm writing this little ditty for you, my less then loving public. Upon checking my email, which I'm now behind in replying once again, I found it to contain many anti-spam techniques, some helpful site ideas which I've yet to get off my lazy rear to implement, but mostly it contained a lot of crap. I've determined something from all this, your email is work for me. So from now on, anytime I receive a pointless email, I will throw a brick at you, also I'll find out who your friends are - and throw bricks at them as well. These won't be just any bricks either, they will be ACME l33t bricks. So ph33r.

Now I've gotten the whole unpleasant I'm going to throw l33t bricks at people out of the way, lets move onto more important matters, for instance rants.

The process to write a rant goes something like this; I need to write a rant, ok - what has pissed me off recently?

As you can tell, this is a very complex process that took years to hone. Kids, don't try this at home.

Lately these rants have become somewhat odd, because some days I've got nothing to write about, on those days I typically go off on a convoluted silly rant. However, when I'm not even able to go off on a silly rant, then this tells me two things;

1. Life is getting too happy, I need to go ruin it for myself, or the nearest living organism.

2. I need more beer. .

I've found the more beer I add into the equation the more disaster-rific the rant can become, sometimes scaling to train-wreck proportions.

I had a lot of email I was going to link and address today, but I think I'll save it all for Friday.

"The price of chaos is eternal belligerence."


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