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< Piro >

that random pen sketch of kimiko...

"finding kimiko"

Thursday - January 6, 2005

[Piro] - 14:39:00 - [link here]

I actually posted this over on my fredart blog yesterday, but i think MT readers might find it an interesting insight into the wednesday DPD of kimiko, and a little bit about how i feel about my drawings and the some of the challenges of 'finding' a character. I'll edit out the whining and paste the important bits here for your amusement :


After about four hours of struggling and getting absolutely nowhere, i decided that the writing was on the wall, and i needed to do a DPD in service day. Luckily, my drawing ability was at least reasonable yesterday. Unfortunately, i also wanted to do a drawing of Kimiko.

I should never draw Kimiko, i haven't been able to draw her in over a year. I'm embarrassed by the poster i made of her (i admit, the entire project was an attempt to 'find' kimiko again, and it was a failure) and alas, todays drawing is also a disaster. I'm not just talking about how off everything is, from her right arm to her chest seemingly being off (after a dozen comments to that effect, i felt i had to do something to fix it, so i tried to add some more shading... it sorta works... the poor thing, no one ever notices her chest unless things are unbalanced :)

What bugs me most is that i can't find Kimiko in anything i draw anymore. I have one little pen sketch i did a few weeks ago, and its as close as i've been able to capture her recently (i scanned it as my rant image above) Maybe it's much like the indeterminate nature of what we really know about Kimiko. All of the other girls in megatokyo are loosely tied to various stereotypes (tough girl, spooky girl, etc) that help define the characters and give visual clues as to how to put them together. Kimiko has no such stereotype by design, and this elusiveness of her nature, and the complexity of her inner workings leaves me as flummoxed as piro himself when it comes to putting her together and understanding her.

As we get closer to the parts of the story where focus involves Kimiko more and more, maybe i'll start to find her. Maybe i never will. Kimiko is the one who will have to tell me, too, at some point, were the story goes. I'm not gonna force her to talk to me, she may pass both piro and me buy, i really don't know yet.


Working on fridays comic right now, as well as a rant about goals for Megatokyo and myself for 2005. Kind of a rough start for the year, but there's been a lot going on... at least i didnt disappear like i did this time last year :P.

< Dom >

Good lord.

"Keep your mind off"

Tuesday - December 28, 2004

[Dom] - 23:59:59 - [link here]

It's become in vogue among the blog/webcomic crowd to link to organizations providing some measure of relief to the surviving tsunami victims in South Asia. While I applaud this way of dealing with mind-numbingly large numbers like death tolls and damage totals, I'm an obsessive-compulsive. My way of easing my mind of this big is to submerge myself in something else entirely, so I don't think about it. Thus, I will write about something else entirely! (In case you are one of the few people who hasn't yet seen a donation link and feels vaguely like donating something, I found this link via the Wikipedia entry).

Now for something completely different. If you're wondering what the above link is, that's an upcoming "Animal Moe MMORPG". If you're wondering what "moe" is, lemme tell you, it is very difficult to explain the concept of moe. And lemme tell you, Fred and I find the above link very discomfiting, since the immediate upshot of that MMORPG getting released is gonna be furry cyb0r. And nobody wants that (well, except the furries, but they don't count).

Lessee what else...

Oh yeah. This coming weekend is going to be a long one, due to the Rose Bowl BCS screw job Holiday Bowl, which will shortly be followed by a trip up to Sacramento for Real Life's last hurrah in California.

Okay, I must off. I've a pitch to write, a ride to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped!


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