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< Piro >

t3h Kooh!!

"sad golf in snow"

Thursday - February 24, 2005

[Piro] - 12:27:00 - [link here]

Bleah, what a week. Nothing like getting sick twice in the same month to really mess you up. I've been working pretty hard to make sure it hasn't messed up the comic schedule too much, but my rant schedule is completely blown at this point ^^;; Pheh.

Just some dumb stuff today. Cortana, the miserable bastard, also tried to hook me with the Nanaca Crash game yesterday (see dom rant), but i managed to escape it's grasp. I think he was trying to get even with me for encouraging him to get out his credit card so he can play Kooh in Pangya. Pangya is a bizzare and cute as hell golf game (yes, i said golf) that can almost make you like the game. It's actually really great Korean game, but true to form there is a japanese version and even an english side of the site that gives you info on how to play it. It's free to play, but if you pay you can get perks. Like playing Kooh. :) Oh, and i could prod Cortana on to this because they accept US credit cards. t3h evil, i say.

But screw the golf stuff. It's all about t3h kooh. you will worship t3h kooh. :) Look for the 'white wiz' wmv file on the front page of the korean site (down near the bottom, where it says 'pangya' movie - it's the first one to the right of the image of Kooh kneeling down). Actually... it's easier to find it here, on the bottom of this page on the japanese site. Gothy little Kooh's got t3h moves, she's perky, she's got 'tude and she's playing in snow. What more could you want?

Now, with that bit of nonsense out of the way, i gotta get back to comicking. I shoulda stuck with a DPD for wednesday and posting todays comic friday but no~~ i have to be a stubborn masochist. :P


Server Move Tonight
Thursday, February 24th)

oops! almost forgot to mention something important. Cologuys is moving some stuff to their new facility tonight, and one of the first things to get moved will be Makoto-rin (the main Megatokyo server). Things will go offline sporadically, and the longest outage will be about a half hour. After that, things should be back to normal. I'm not sure when Nayuki is getting trucked over...

Since we have this lovely messed up schedule this week anyway, it actually presents and easy way to deal with server traffic tonight -- i have an beautiful excuse and reason not to post friday's comic till friday morning :) Look for it before noon EST tomorrow.

< Dom >

Nanaca Crash actually has nothing to do with Kid. However, it's easier to link to.


Wednesday - February 23, 2005

[Dom] - 14:00:00 - [link here]

I need to stop playing Nanaca Crash. I have things to do, rants to write, games to get ready for...

Yet, I simply can't stop playing The Little Flash Game That Could.

If you haven't had the fortune to have someone send you the Nanaca Crash .swf file, or found it somewhere, it's a brilliant little game--the concept is similar to, say, a Track and Field game, where you have a projectile you want to fling as far as you can, so you have a little timing game to determine what angle and what force goes into the throw.

Except in this case, the projectile is the main character of some dating game or other, and you propel him by crashing into him with a bike--and depending on who he smashes into, you can get extra boosts to fling him further.

It's marvelously addictive, and I've spent the last day playing it--my personal high is about 9000m, but I know a friend who's gotten as high as 14000m or so... it's so much fun!

Hmm. I guess I should play City of Heroes again at some point, too...


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