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< Piro >

"server problems galore"

Tuesday - April 5, 2005

[Piro] - 14:17:00 - [link here]

UPDATE AGAIN - YAY! forums are fixed, and are now open. It tool literally 32 hours or more to fix that table, but it's working again. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE - the table repair on the MT forums is still chugging along, 24 hrs later. It took about this long last time, so we should be getting closer to things working, but don't hold your breath quite yet. I'll update the RSS feed to let people know when it's working again. Today is already looking to be pretty cobbled up, so i decided to do Fridays comic on friday, that way i can just spend the day on it and not try to cram it in-between things. I am sorry about all the hiccups in release times, but at least we're back to 3 comics per week :) Gotta keep things rolling along...


I'm not going to make any jokes about the servers and their related personalities right now, because honestly the instability of everything for the past few weeks isn't funny. Makoto (the main MT server) has collapsed repeatedly and for different reasons time and time again. We know what the problems are, and we believe most of them are fixed, but it doesn't get away from the real problem we're facing - traffic is out-pacing the current server, and i need to split things up and get a new mySQL server to improve things. For now, Makoto seems to be working, but there is little i can do about the slow response right now.

Now, you may also have noticed another problem - the forums are down. Yes, for totally unrelated reasons (because the forums and the main site are on two totally different boxes) the forums broke today and we know what the problem is and i'm in the process of fixing them. That's the good news, but the bad news is that the table repair could take, quite literally, almost 20 hours to process (the main table is 1.4 gig) so... the forums will be down until the repair is finished. I'll be keeping an eye on the repair process as much as i can today.

When the server issues get bad enough that they delay the comic more than I do, that's not good. Mostly it's due to traffic, i guess, which is a good thing, but its not good if you folks have trouble using the site. I have to do something about this, and it looks like it will require two new servers (i have two sitting here waiting to be used but they are not beefy enough to really handle MT level traffic). Of course, i gotta buy servers that cost a friggin arm and a leg (but its always good to do that - Makoto and Nayuki have been doing fine, we're just outgrowing them and they need help). meh. Ah well, that's part of running a website. If this keeps up, i'm gonna run out of Kanon girls to name the servers after.

So, uhm, yeah. I've already heard from people who want to donate this or try to help out with that. As always, really, the best way to help out is just to shop at the MegaGear store. I haven't been pimping it enough recently, which is dumb because its what keeps all of this afloat, so consider the store pimped. :)

Actually, we do have two new items in the store... the Kimiko blankets are back, and we have boxes and boxes of them. As nice as ever, same blankets as before, nicely made by Biederlock. Also, due to popular demand, the Baka^ni shirt is back, this time on a black shirt with a slightly tweaked design. I think they look better than they did before.

Other stuff on the way, and i have to get cracking on it, but for now, that will do. I am very sorry about the network/server problems lately, hopefully we will have things smoothed out in the next few weeks so we can get back to me being the slowest and most borked thing on Megatokyo. :)

< Dom >

Oop ack!


Friday - April 1, 2005

[Dom] - 09:00:00 - [link here]

Well, crud. Due to something resembling a perfect storm of circumstances, there's no real April Fools' joke on MT this year.

Fred and I did have an April Fools' plan, but between his move, my toothache, a horrid spring cold, and a 2,500-word article I'm writing for Newtype USA that's due next week (look for it in June or July!), there just wasn't enough time for either of us to hold up our ends of the plan.

I apologize for dropping the ball on this one--Monday I'll have a new rant, and next year I'm DEFINITELY going to have something up for April Fools'.


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