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"drawin' as fast as I can."

Monday - August 28, 2000

[Piro] - 09:08:00 - [link here]

I seem to be falling into a pattern. The ideal way to be doing a comic like this is to always be at least three strips ahead so that updating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is a piece of cake.

Well, gee, surprise surprise - I've been doing this by the seat of my pants (which have been getting really threadbare lately) and finishing each strip usually around the time it needs to be posted. One of two things happens with this - mistakes can be made (*cough* the three-handed piro which has now been fixed *cough*) and the fact that I don't usually get a chance to write any comments until the next day. So, it seems that you get a new comic every Monday Wednesday and Friday, but you typically won't get my comments till Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So, if you are really bored on those off days because of our 'cliche' schedule you'll at least have something new here most days.

I was really annoyed with myself this weekend. "Ok, we need some colored images for the site" Now, I'vedone plenty of color CG works so it shouldn't have been a big deal to do some nice color versions of largo and piro. [CG: Computer Graphics, any artwork that is done on the computer. Color illustrations are often referredto as such by Japanese fans.] First off, I was too lazy to draw a new image (I recycled an older sketch), Secondly I was too lazy to Ink the image (painting over scanned pencil lines is a cheezy way to color something) and finally... well, the final image just sucks.

I have a poor history of coloring my drawings. I have at least a dozen sketches that I feel deserve to be inked and colored, but for some reason I just haven't had the time to get to them. I suppose the real reason that I don't color much is that compared to so much of the CG artwork out there, mine really doesn't compare - it is a skill i need to work on. Perhaps with a little more practice...

PS: i don't know if anyone noticed, but in Friday's screenshot, the character Rina-chan wears glasses just like Piro - it just occurred to me that they are hard to see in the screenshot.

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"thou shall not defile!"

Monday - August 28, 2000

[Largo] - 12:34:41 - [link here]

For those interested, Piro managed to color the characters sketch this weekend, so we put that up for your viewing pleasure... Many of you have been wondering why the site does not have a forward/back button for cycling thru all the old comics. The answer to this is simple, I'm lazy. I spent most of this past weekend reworking all the table data in the site, which isn't very fun considering the end result of all my efforts is the site basicallylooks the same. Anyways I'll take comfort in knowing my pretty tables are no longer broken...

To the Screenshot!

Lately, I keep hearing people getting excited at the still denied rumor that there is going to be a new Metroid game made for the upcoming Nintendo Gamecube. I satdown and gave this some thought today as I had mixed feelings on the idea of a ne w Metroid title.

I share some fond memories, along with permanent lines under my eyes from the many sleepless nights brought to me by this a ncient and revered game. However, I think this is one of the worst ideas I've heard in along time. If Metroid was to be remade, nothing would be the same, sure we'd have Samus, and some really cool looking 3D metroids, but really guys, whats th e point? Nothing is going to live up to the memories we had of this title, and any new Metroid game made in the present day may end up suffering from the remake-syndrome, last thing we need is for Samus to suddently find herself partnered with a cute lovable sidekick who's prone to do musical numbers from 'South Pacific' during the cutscenes.

Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not against remakes and reinventing franchises, but I'd like to see some of the original talent that created the franchise, continue it. This crosses over in film as well, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is wary of what Terminator III will be like without James Cameron on board. Sometimes it's better to just retire with some dignity rather then beat the horse to death with a really big stick... Highlander II.. III.. IV anyone?

Hey, sure it would be nice to step into the shoes of Samus just one more time on a nextgen platform like the Gamecube, but if we do, it really won't be 'Metroid', it would be a game with the name 'Metroid'. Treating it any different would only yield disappointment to those die hard fans of long ago.


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